May 18, 2020

Improving Your Online Home Office Presence - Free Webinar


This webinar will address how to keep the trust and confidence of your North American colleagues while working at home for the first time.

About this Event
COVID-19 has forced many office workers to move to working from home. This is a new, unfamiliar experience for many employees, who are used to working in-person with their colleagues each day in an office environment. The home office environment has raised many questions especially for internationally educated professionals who are new to the work culture of North America.

Cross-cultural work expert Jennifer Kumar, Managing Director and CEO of Authentic Journeys, will address the following topics in conversation with Brent Edwards, founder of the Career Welcome Mat Network and expert on networking for newcomers.

How to stay in touch with your co-workers? How to stay visible with your manager? How do you enhance your office profile while working at home? How to best keep your profile at the office during virtual meetings? What physical and verbal clues should you be watching for online? How to stay on good terms with my co-workers when every encounter feels like a formal online meeting? How to communicate professionally when all my co-workers are at a distance?

Please join our guest Jennifer Kumar and host Brent Edwards for this webinar on Tuesday, May 19th from 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST.


Jennifer Kumar – our guest

Jennifer Kumar, Managing Director and CEO of Authentic Journeys, is a cross-cultural expert in office communications between North American and office environments in India. With COVID-19 all communications are at a distance, she brings significant experience in distance communications transferable to the COVID-19 crisis.

Brent Edwards – your host

Building on 30 years of sales, marketing and product development experience in the Greater Toronto Area market, Brent Edwards is eager to assist newcomers with improving their professional networking skills.

A prior volunteer with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, helping to organize enhanced citizen ceremonies for new Canadians and a two-time mentor with the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council, Brent's 15 years of people leadership experience and ten years as a Toastmaster has equipped him with the coaching and feedback skills needed to coach newcomers on their professional networking. Brent has been a guest on New Canadians TV.

Authentic Journeys: Bridging Culture on Virtual Teams

We help build effective, culturally competent global teams with focus on the cultures of the USA and India. Jennifer Kumar, Managing Director, an American citizen, has almost 10 years experience living, studying and working (owning a business) in India. Authentic Journeys Consultancy is registered as a Private Limited in India (Kerala) and an LLC in the USA (Salt Lake City, Utah). We provide onsite and live-online instructor-led courses, facilitation and corporate coaching.