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Authentic Journeys helps companies like yours build effective US-India cross border and distributed teams. While a majority of clients are in the IT sector, we also worked with global teams in the financial sector, housing sector, accounting and tax, immigration, media analytics, e-commerce, and education.  Authentic Journeys works with your business to achieve your goals […]

Work Effectively with Teammates from India

The tips in this article are based on real-life experience. I am US citizen who has over 10 years living, working and studying in India. With over 30 trips between the US and India since 1998, and running a successful business in India for over 6 years, these tips will not only help you do […]

Small Talk American Cross-Cultural Training

Small Talk American Cross-Cultural Training If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following, this program is for you: Do you avoid small talk because you worry you will make mistakes and broach incorrect topics? Or, maybe you aren’t sure how to talk about unknown topics like American sports (football, baseball)? Do you wonder how […]

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