3 Ways to Get to Know Your U.S. Client Before You Talk For the First Time

Many working on global software teams or those who provide IT consulting or app building services to U.S. clients may start their engagement with limited knowledge about their client outside the technical scope and requirements of the project.  If this is you, let’s see how you can get to know some simple things about your […]

Test English Comprehension with YouTube Captions

One of the common questions I have been asked is, “What can I do to understand the US American accent better?”  If you are learning American English as a second language (ESL), I advise learners to either listen to American radio stations online or find YouTube videos or podcasts of people having a normal conversation. […]

Lessons on Giving Feedback and Motivation to Teams in India

“Training our employees like that won’t work. You have to be more strict with them. If they make a mistake, point it out! Point out their faults publicly to make them ashamed so they will improve.”  Certainly, this has never been a popular approach for motivation and constructive criticism highlighted in the Harvard Business Review, but […]


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