Adopting US Names on Offshore Teams

As a part of their client engagement contract, some offshore processes require their employees to “adopt a US-centric name.” While many may have experienced this with call centers, Authentic Journeys has also worked with Agile software teams who use “American names.” Whereas the call center customer experience is very short term (maybe only 5 minutes […]

Build Cultural Competence in Global Teams

Global teams are often comprised of people from different nationalities working together across geographies, time zones, and continents, to solve complex business problems. Global team members work in virtual teams and communicate through a mix of video call (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) e-mail, Instant Messaging (IM), and other asynchronous communication tools.   In the quest […]

Get Better Projects From Clients in the USA

Do you feel stuck in growing your offshore project portfolio with clients in the USA? Do you know you have a lot of value to give, but feel like you are hitting a brick wall moving forward?    I am a business and cross-cultural consultant that has worked with over 50 companies in India, and […]

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