Moving Back Home to the US After Living in India

What is repatriation coaching? After 5 years living and working in India, I returned to the US in June 2011, only to realize that what was once familiar seemed strange. Jennifer helped me to adjust, and to re-enter the job market with a better understanding of both professional cultures–from communication style, to managerial expectations. As […]

Guest Faculty on Cross-Cultural Awareness

Jennifer is an experienced Cross-Cultural Coaching Panelist on my Pan-India Coaching Practice ExecutiveCoachingIndia.Net. I therefore encouraged her to join me for a session, via Skype, in teaching the value of cross-cultural skills to MBA(HR) students at the Chennai Business School, to enable her to discover for herself the “joy” of imparting knowledge and wisdom to […]

Does Multicultural Living Promote Split Personalities?

In interacting with many who have moved to a different culture, including myself, there is this push and pull factor of integration. We want to remain true to ourselves, but are we able to do that while adapting and adjusting our behaviors and mindset? Are we able to remain true to ourselves when the rest […]


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