Indian vs. American Mindset – A Story on Different Value Systems

Sitting facing me, she looked at me in the eyes, so I knew she was about to say something important. “Jennifer, life is tough. Don’t take it lightly and always take the advice of elders. I did not have this luxury growing up. My parents left me alone. Even my aunts and uncles. They said […]

Three Ways to Maximize Your Potential

I believe we all have untapped potential within us. Though we try everyday to be the best we can be, the habits of daily life get in the way of realizing our true potential. You may be wondering in what ways can you maximize your potential and clear the distractions from your life.  How Can […]

How Can I Stay Connected to My Culture When Living Abroad?

Culture shock is real and stems from being homesick and missing familiar things we had ‘back home.’ Broad categories of things we miss are family, friends, hangout places, habits, language and food. Realizing the familiar will soon become unfamiliar is scary. Preparing ourselves emotionally for the move is possible. I hope these exercises I created […]


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