Business Coaching for Keralites and Indians

This post outlines some common questions that prospective clients to Authentic Journeys have about what we do, our coaching process and the outcomes.  Jennifer Debriefing a Con Call Role Play, Photo Credit Jennifer Kumar What are some examples successful training outcomes?  I will learn and apply American phone and email etiquette while handling routine as well as […]

Work Better with American Clients with Culture Training

If you work with US citizens from offshore, you may be wondering how to bridge the culture gaps to work more effectively and efficiently. We help you to work better with American clients. In fact, in a recent cross-cultural sensitization program for remote teams, Authentic Journeys, the following question was asked: How Does Culture Training […]

Differences AND Similarities: India & USA

We believe it’s important to understand both differences AND similarities between India and the USA. While most training programs focus on the differences, and dos and don’ts, missing highlighting the similarities can easily make us forget that we do have common ground to build from. To end a recent session on US cross-culture training for […]

Cross-Cultural Training Success Stories

We have been creating cross-cultural training success stories since 2011. The case studies in this blog were collected between 2011-2016. For a chronicle of cross-cultural training success stories from 2011-present, see our Cross Cultural Training Programmes Track Record. Cross-Cultural Training Success Stories Success Story – Cabot Solutions:    Building a Convincing Professional Brand with Canadian […]

9 Lessons on Being a Public Speaker

Book Review By Guest Blogger: Hari KT   I’d like to share the 9 lessons on being a public speaker that I learned after reading the book the book Paid to Speak, Best Practices for Building a Successful Speaking Business. Preparing Before Delivery  Expect the unexpected. You should always remember this. It’s also a good […]

5 Reasons Your Team Needs Cross-Cultural Training

If your team works across cultures, you may have pondered reasons your team needs cross-cultural training.  We have provided cross-culture training, global business coaching, destination services and a myriad of other virtual team building solutions to over 4,500 professionals on international teams since 2011. The excitement during the sessions is only surpassed by some of the […]

We Can Now Engage with Americans with Confidence

What strikes me most about Jennifer is her passion and focus. We worked together on a project for my client where she took extra care to understand the need, create a framework that would work in the time we had, and build trust and a comfort level with the group. I found they were relaxed […]

Cross Culture Training Programs in Kerala, India

Cross-Cultural Training Programs in Kerala, India  See our most up-to-date case study portfolio from 2011-present. See our most recent updates in 2020 on LinkedIn. To work with us today, contact us here. 2013 was an exciting year. I met so many interesting and inspiring people, was able to learn more about Indian business, and saw the interiors […]

Hari’s Coaching Success Story

Today, one of my first clients in India (from 2011) will share his personal coaching success story. Hari’s Coaching Success Story Since knowing Jennifer, my main achievements have been:  Speaking at several events, including Open Source India and Bar Camp Kerala  Writing articles for the reputed Australian based site, Sitepoint (among others)  Compiling a book […]

Improving Phone and E-mail Communication at Work

What did you learn from the communication sessions?   “I am attending sessions on listening and customer service with Americans given by Jennifer. My team and I find these sessions helpful because: We can now understand the basic dos and don’ts of e-mail and phone communication. I learned paraphrasing is important, and how it can […]

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