“How did it go?” – Meanings & How to Answer

Asking “How did it go?” is a common question used in American English, and at work. This kind of question could be in relation to work related tasks or small talk.  When to ask, how to answer? Task-Based Examples:  “So team, how did the product launch go?”  “How did the meeting with the client go?”  […]

Making Small Talk Easy

Is there an easy formula you can apply to make small talk with US Americans easier?   Yes!!   Let’s Take a Look at A Small Talk Formula After you are asked a question, answer it like this: Yes or No   One or two sentences to back up your answer A question to turn […]

Put Our Heads Together – Idioms at Work

Let’s put our heads together to solve this problem! “Let’s put our heads together to think of some good ideas for our new project!”  “Putting our heads together” means to “brainstorm” or think of new ideas or solutions with one or more people. Typically, when said in the office, it is a positive way to […]

Shooting the Breeze – Small Talk Idioms

In an earlier post, I shared idioms about talking. One of the idioms was “shoot the breeze.” “Shooting the breeze” is an idiom that actually means making small talk. Listen to Andrea from Study with Andrea shares her tip on this idiom. Following the video, let’s look at two examples of using this idiom.    […]

Small Talk Idiom – “On the Rocks”

Understanding idioms used in business discussions is important. Possibly, more important is understanding idioms or phrases used in casual discussions in the break room, in transit, or during lunch. In this series, I’ll share some idiom tutorials by Andrea of Study with Andrea. Today’s idiom is “On The Rocks.” It has two meanings. Take a […]

Basketball Idioms & March Madness

In today’s post, Matt Wade answers some questions about basketball and March Madness, especially for those who are new to the game and the country.  1. Are there any idioms or phrases people used related to basketball?  “Seed”  The tournament brackets consist of 4 groupings. The seeding in each bracket is 1 – 16, with […]

Thanksgiving FAQ and Small Talk Tips

If you are looking for basic information on the Thanksgiving holiday, small talk tips for before and after the holiday, and what to expect if you are invited to an American’s home for Thanksgiving, this article is for you!  When is Thanksgiving?  Every fourth Thursday of November US Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. (Thanksgiving in Canada is […]

Five Things I Miss About America

I moved from the US to live in India for a second time in early 2011. A few months after moving to Kochi in the southwestern state of Kerala, like any expat, I started feeling homesick. Below I share a few things I missed about my country (and still do).My Family and Friends.  Believe it […]

Cultural Misunderstandings: USA and India

If we were to sit and count possible cultural misunderstandings between the USA and India, we’d understand that there is a vast chasm of diverse mindsets and values between us. In this blog, I’d like to explore a few of the common cultural differences between the US and India. I do have a bit of […]

Thanksgiving: The US Harvest Festival

The fourth Thursday of every November is Thanksgiving, the US Harvest Festival. Thanksgiving is a harvest festival (similar to Pongal or Onam in India). It commemorates the day the Native Americans and Pilgrims befriended each other and shared their first feast together near to Plymouth Rock in the state of Massachusetts.  Typically most Americans have […]

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