How Do I Respond to Birthday Emails?

Just like in India, it’s common for American colleagues or clients to wish each other Happy Birthday. Office birthday parties are common in both India and the US, as well. Working on distributed, global and offshore teams, many birthday, holiday and other wishes may be communicated by email. So, how can you answer these emails? […]

U.S.A. & India Vacation Planner 2017

India & US Holiday Calendar 2017  (2019 holidays – USA — India) Need for this Calendar   This calendar will be useful for Indians and Americans working on distributed, global teams with multiple offices in India or in the US. As India is a diverse country which celebrates different holidays in different parts of the country, this […]

Importance of Timing and Topics in Small Talk

Small talk comes in various forms in the U.S. In this short post, let’s look at two elements of small talk interactions- timing and topics. Importance of Timing in Small Talk Most of the time, meetings will start with a few minutes of small talk up to five or six minutes of small talk can […]

Labor Day Chit Chat with US Clients

According to Wikipedia, Labor Day is a public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people, in the US and Canada on the first Monday in September, in many other countries on May 1. If you are wondering how to make Labor Day chit chat with US Clients, read on….   Why […]

Onam Celebrations at Work in Kerala, India

Onam falls every year between late August and mid September for 10 days. Onam is the major holiday of the people of Kerala, a state in southwestern India. Onam is a harvest festival, but it also has mythical connections. Every year during Onam, the king of yesteryear, King Maveli (Mahabali), comes to visit. Many moons […]

Common Questions in American English

When people speak at their regular speed, which is often fast for non-native speakers not used to the US accent, everyday, simple sentences sound like a foreign language.   Asking questions is one of the common conversational strategies in American English. In the video below, Ronnie teaches us some common questions used to start conversations […]

Questions to Start a Small Talk Conversation

Today I’d like to introduce you to Lindsay McMahon. Lindsay is an English teacher and entrepreneur based in Boston, USA. She and her team help international professionals gain confidence in their speaking skills through customized courses and an English podcast called All Ears English.  Today, she’s going to help us brainstorm questions to start a […]

Small Talk Tips with US Americans

“Once I learned how to make small talk with my US clients, every interaction was more comfortable. I was at ease to bring up any doubts or questions I had with clients I was able to make more small talk with.” While small talk is important in many work cultures, especially when working in a […]

Small Talk for Memorial Day – The Last Monday of May

While the official reason for Memorial Day is to commemorate the fallen soldiers who have fought for the country, the unofficial reasons dominate small talk discussions among many during this time of the year. When is Memorial Day in 2022?   Memorial Day falls on the last Monday of May. This makes this Memorial Day […]

Do US Clients Eat Indian Food When Visiting India?

Are you getting ready to host a US client in India?  We have prepared many teams for this day. In preparing for the US client visit, many wonder if American citizens would eat spicy food and what spicy food actually means to an American.  Of course, this topic always ensues a lively discussion as there […]

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