American Sports: What is Baseball?

As the weather in the United States warms in late May, baseball becomes a popular topic of conversation.  Summer and baseball are a perfect marriage.  So, if you are soon to engage an American in conversation, a timely subject would be baseball and the World Series.  Arial View of the Baseball Diamond (Playing Field) 1. […]

Small Talk Conversation Starters: Halloween

Trying to identify the right small talk conversation starters for Halloween is made easy with the wide range of ideas in this post. The small talk conversation starters in this post can be used at the water cooler, in the break room or over lunch to make small talk about Halloween, which falls on October 31 […]

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a well-known festival in the US. Mardi Gras is a traditional holiday celebrated across many Christian cultures and in the southern regions of the United States. It is particularly famous in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The festivities include elaborate and colorful parades, family picnics, costumes, music, and […]

Talking About Politics: Dos and Don’ts in the USA

In Small Talk training programs in India, Indian professionals are divided on whether or not talking about politics is acceptable at work. While my personal experience as an American working in India has shown me in general that Indians are more comfortable talking about politics at work, there are definitely certain people, even in India, […]

Ask About Office Timings – Small Talk India & USA

“What are your office timings?” This is a common question in Indian English. While this question is acceptable in the U.S., also, in American English, we would say it differently, hence there are differences in asking about office timings between India and the USA. The phrase “office timings” is not commonly used in American English. […]

Fun Things To Do on America’s Independence Day

Many newcomers to the US wonder what kind of fun activities there are to do to celebrate or commemorate Independence Day (July 4th). Actually, while the list is long and endless, I’d like to share a few things you can consider doing during the 4th of July holidays in the US.   Events and Fun Things to […]

Dads and Grads – What & When Is It?

Many may say the term “dads and grads” is a marketing gimmick. And, maybe it is, but let’s look at why you may hear this term in relation to special occasions and observances in U.S. What is Dads & Grads? What does Dads & Grads mean?  Dads refers to Father’s Day. Grads refers to graduates […]

How did it go? – When to Ask, How to Answer

What does this question, “How did it go?” mean and how to answer this common question will be tackled here. In case you want more information, see this post from 2013.  Meaning of “How did it go?” In this question, “it” refers to some event or moment in time that was discussed earlier in the […]

What is it like to travel for work?

Jennifer Kumar, the Managing Director of Authentic Journeys has been traveling for her work since she started her career after graduating from college. In the video below, Jennifer shares her experiences about traveling for work, how she got to India, why she went to India and is now living in India for a second time, […]

Tips for Putting Customers on Hold

When working in processes that require calling clients or colleagues, there will invariably be a time when he or she will have to be put on hold. How can we put someone on hold in a professional way? This post will explore some tips to polish call handling skills through discussion and video examples.   […]

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