Achievements in Offshore Outsourcing – The QMiS Story

QMiS Systems, an offshore Mortgage Banking technology supported IT/ITeS company started in Kochi, India in February 2013. Growing from a few key people in 2013 to over 40 today (February 2016), the India heads Brito George and Boby Thomas are looking forward to the future and the growth of their operations.    Learn More about […]

Get Better Projects From Clients in the USA

Do you feel stuck in growing your offshore project portfolio with clients in the USA? Do you know you have a lot of value to give, but feel like you are hitting a brick wall moving forward?    I am a business and cross-cultural consultant that has worked with over 50 companies in India, and […]

Respond to Party Invites from Americans

In the U.S., expect formal invitations from those inviting you to parties. Whether the party is a wedding, a Christmas or Holiday party hosted by your team or office, or your neighbor’s Fourth of July BBQ, it’s important to know how to respond to party invites from Americans.  What is an RSVP?  RSVP stands for […]

Personal Space in US Offices (Cross-Cultural Example)

When looking for examples of cross-cultural empathy, there’s no need to look too far away when you have friends from different countries or friends that travel to foreign sites for work. When my Indian friend returned to India after three months of living and working in the U.S.A., I learned from an Indian’s viewpoint some […]

US Culture Awareness Training in India

, fIn Between 2014 and 2018, Authentic Journeys provided US culture awareness training for Indians working for UST in Kochi, Trivandrum, Chennai, and Bangalore.  The US Cultural Awareness Training Program (USCAT) was created by Authentic Journeys in partnership with UST and its training affiliates readied the associates for their short and long-term business trips onsite […]

Regional Conversation Starters in the USA

In our program, Building Trust and Good Relationships with US Americans, you learn the three kinds of small talk that Americans use at work. While those guidelines tend to be quite standardized across the USA, there are also regional conversation starters in the USA that may apply to professional or casual situations.   A few […]

Ask Americans About Weekend Plans

In the video below, Lindsay shares three questions you can use with your American colleagues to ask them about their weekend. Below the video see a list of the three questions with additional ideas for your conversational diversity.     13 Ways to Ask Americans About Weekend Plans   Lindsay’s ideas for asking about someone’s weekend: […]

Cultural Differences at Work – USA vs. India

For anyone who’s worked between the USA and India, it’s evident that there are cultural differences at work.  There are several important cultural differences at work when comparing the experience working between the US and India. The Powerpoint below was used as a conversation starter to initiate group discussions on the cultural differences on doing […]

What does it mean to be late to US American Clients?

“Stress the importance of time when working with Americans.” “Don’t start the session late.” “If the participants understand anything from the training you give, they should understand not to be late!” The most polished preparation or organized meeting agenda can impress, but if you or your team starts the meeting late, your good name and […]

Eye Contact With Americans

Making eye contact in face-to-face encounters (video-con or Skype) is crucial to building trust with Americans. While in some cultures, a downward gaze may signify deference and respect, to Americans, this same downward gaze could signify any one of these traits: A lack of confidence   Untrustworthiness   Unfriendliness or rudeness   Shyness, a lack […]

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