7 Ways to Start Conversations in American English

Some foreigners in the US learning English hesitate to start conversations with native US English speakers. If you can relate to this, this post is for you. I’d like to share some common questions you can ask your American colleagues, classmates or friends to start conversations.   7 Ways To Make Small Talk and Start […]

Small Talk American Cross-Cultural Training

Small Talk American Cross-Cultural Training If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following, this program is for you: Do you avoid small talk because you worry you will make mistakes and broach incorrect topics? Or, maybe you aren’t sure how to talk about unknown topics like American sports (football, baseball)? Do you wonder how […]

My US Colleague Does Not Answer The Phone – WHY?

I call my US colleague, but he does not answer the phone? Is he ignoring me? Why is it so hard to get a hold of him?   And, from what I hear, when many Indians get the voice mail, they just hang up. This is not always the best answer to the situation. Voice […]

American Sports: What is Baseball?

As the weather in the United States warms in late May, baseball becomes a popular topic of conversation.  Summer and baseball are a perfect marriage.  So, if you are soon to engage an American in conversation, a timely subject would be baseball and the World Series.  Arial View of the Baseball Diamond (Playing Field) 1. […]

Small Talk Conversation Starters: Halloween

Trying to identify the right small talk conversation starters for Halloween is made easy with the wide range of ideas in this post. The small talk conversation starters in this post can be used at the water cooler, in the break room or over lunch to make small talk about Halloween, which falls on October 31 […]

Sample Emails to Decline Party Invites

Expats adjusting to life in the US often ask us to help them write sample emails to decline party invites or invites for other social functions. While they are honored to be asked, in some cases, they are receiving too many invites or they have a conflict in their schedule that prevents them from attending […]

We Delivered On-Time to the Americans: They Did Not Seem Happy- Why?

“When the American client asks me why I did something out of order, I feel they don’t trust our expertise!??!” This has been mentioned in exasperated tones by many Indians in offshore teams that Authentic Journeys has worked with. While many cross-cultural business experts ascertain Americans would care more about getting the job done than […]

How to Know Before You Go Onsite

Everyone who works with U.S. clients in distributed teams wants at least one chance to go to the U.S. Though this seems like a strange question, do you know that if you go onsite, you will have to talk to Americans? Companies spend big bucks to sponsor visas, travel, housing, food and living expenses for […]

Ensure Trust and Confidence with US Clients

Americans appreciate a structured, timely approach to meetings. It is important to have a well-thought out agenda which is followed by the participants. If a person is absent or late, and the agenda has to be shuffled around or changed in order, assure that this is noted in the beginning of the meeting, which I […]

Building Credibility with US Clients as an India-Based Business

Working with Americans is not necessarily the same as working with Canadians. Jennifer (of Authentic Journeys), standing with the Cabot Solutions Management Team (L to R): Venkata, Shamly, Venkatesh, Pradeep. “As I studied in Canada and had relationships with Canadians, I always wanted to work with Canadians. My impression of this market, though, was not […]

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