Filler Words: Eliminate For Clearer Communication

Quite literally, perhaps words just got in the way of really clear communication. If you really want to get people to quite literally do really amazing things, it’s better to be really, very clear about the stuff that you talk about!   The above opening stuffs all of the words that author Shanna Mallon suggests […]

Speak English Confidently with US Clients

Possibly you work with US Americans from outside of the US. If so, you may wonder how to speak English confidently with US clients or counterparts. I am happy to share some tips with you that I have learned from training thousands of professionals in India who needed to speak English confidently with US clients.  […]

9 Lessons on Being a Public Speaker

Book Review By Guest Blogger: Hari KT   I’d like to share the 9 lessons on being a public speaker that I learned after reading the book the book Paid to Speak, Best Practices for Building a Successful Speaking Business. Preparing Before Delivery  Expect the unexpected. You should always remember this. It’s also a good […]

One Trick to Help You Speak Clearly in English

English has a lot of sounds that require the speaker to drop their jaw, or open their mouth wider than in other languages. When the jaw is too tight, and the mouth is not open far enough, the sound will not be easy to hear, and it will get muffled. This is especially true for […]

How Deep Breathing Is Important to Speaking Clearly in American English

Speaking clearly on the phone or in any situation in English requires good breath control. Every language uses breath differently. Deep breathing in American English will help to project your voice without the use of a microphone, and additionally will help us to:   talk slower without sounding unnaturally slow or robotic more clearly pronounce […]

Stop Robotic Speaking – Try This Trick

Let’s take a moment to compare the vowel sounds of Indian languages vs. American English.  Indian Languages:      Have symbols representing short and long vowels in written word  The symbol [typically] always represents the same sound  We know if the vowel sound is long or short both in written and spoken language  If a […]

Do I Stutter or Mumble?

In the previous post, I discussed about stuttering. Some may be new to this term, thinking mumbling and stuttering are the same. Mumbling is different than stuttering.   Comparing Mumbling and Stuttering: Mumbling is when:   You do not open your mouth when you speak  May breathe shallowly and quickly  Jaw doesn’t open wide enough […]

What is Stuttering? Is it the same as Halting and Jarring Speech?

In a previous post, I discussed the problem of halting and jarring speech noticed in some Kerala IT professionals while speaking in English. I was asked by a reader of the blog if that is the same as stuttering.  This is indeed a good question. My initial reaction is they are related, but not the […]

Get the Right Flow to Spoken English

Thought groups are groups of phrases in sentences or statements that are “naturally” grouped together while speaking. Every language has them. Thought groups bring a pace and a flow to a language. It helps to create it’s “musical quality.” In the previous post introducing this topic, we reviewed a number of audio clippings with examples […]

What is a Group Discussion (GD)

Group discussions (GD) are popular assessment tools during interviews in many companies in India. I am not aware of this practice being undertaken in the US, although there are many benefits to this approach. Candidates are placed into groups of 6-10 and given a topic to discuss. Sometimes, group members are given five minutes to […]

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