“I’ll Think About It” – A Typical American English Phrase

A common phrase used by Americans in meetings and group discussion, “I’ll think about it,” can be used in the following situations:  an answer to a question which is not time-sensitive  as a catch-all answer during a brainstorming session  planning and forecasting sessions  “I’ll think about it” often means, “This is a good suggestion, I’m […]

Speak English Confidently with US Clients

Are you preparing for an interview in the US or with your American offshore team? Will you be delivering a sales presentation to an American client? Or, maybe you are preparing to discuss changing project deadlines on your next status call?  To be able to communicate your message in a way Americans would find confident […]

How to Give “Negative Feedback” in a Positive Way

Getting “Buy In” When Delivering Constructive Criticism Do you need to deliver some bad news to someone on your team? Are you struggling with how to deliver this message in a sensitive way that is empathetic, yet encouraging?  While there are many approaches one could take to tackling these kinds of difficult discussions, today I’d […]

Different Ways to Say No – Video Tutorials

The videos in this post will showcase a wide variety of approaches to saying no, pushing back or declining requests in a polite way with Americans and while using English with native speakers.  A 4 Step Process to Saying No  The Art of Saying No This video demonstrates a very Western, and more direct approach […]

How Can I Say “No” Diplomatically?

Saying “no” in most cultures is an art. There are surely times when your boss or US client has asked for (or demanded!) something that was not possible to do. Let’s discuss a few tactful ways to approach the no, save face, and maintain an amicable relationship.   What are polite ways to disagree or […]

An Easy Way to Say NO to US Clients

Negotiating deadlines, how to say no politely to not totally end communication with US counterparts is an art. This is one of the hot topics that arises in all management seminars I facilitate. As many Indians are uncomfortable with a flat out NO, we work on ways to say yes, no and partial agreements that […]

Conversation Tips in Negotiations

Were you recently taken by surprise in what was considered a routine standup meeting to be asked to change the course of what you were working on?  Were you asked to do something that you felt was not so easy to do, not good for the long term outcome of the product or something you […]


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