US Citizen Specializes in Working With People from Kerala

Do you live in India but work with teams in the US?  Want to be understood by Americans and understand Americans better?   Is communication at work with American counterparts, clients or colleagues difficult because of the communication gap?   Hello, everyone, I am Jennifer Kumar. I am a native American English speaker who has […]

Knowing How to Talk: Generalizations, Stereotypes and How They Differ

Do you sometimes wonder why some people can connect to others while others are always putting out fires with their colleagues?  Most of the times, it’s due to their use of language and how it turns people off. For example,  “Have you ever heard about an Indian who didn’t like curry? Me neither. It’s like […]

Impact of Globalisation and Multiculturalism

Travel hardly remains anyone’s dream for long – it easily becomes one’s reality with so many options and opportunities to move around, from one country to the other. It could be just for a holiday, a break from the norm. It could be to obtain better education, for a better profile, job and income. Or […]

Embracing Cross-Cultural Identity: A Work of Art

My name is Haikaa, I am a singer-songwriter and I was born in Brazil and I have studied and lived in the US and in Japan. The contradictory notions of right or wrong that I was exposed to led me to develop a “chameleon-like” personality and I could have spent my entire life going from […]

Tips for Expats Relocating to Dubai

‘Tis that time of season when freshly relocated expatriates have more or less settled into the surroundings and situation of their newly chosen home countries. Let’s be honest – even in some of the biggest expat hubs such as Shanghai, or Moscow, and even after some time spent acclimatizing, foreigners are still quite easy to […]

Retain Identity While Adjusting to a New Culture

Is it possible to adjust to a new culture; adapt to new behaviors, expectations and mindset while retaining your cultural identity? Changes will happen as we mature and take up new life roles regardless of living at home or moving abroad. Moving abroad heightens this experience because everyone around us is foreign and behave in […]

Challenges Faced by Female Expats

Entitled Handle International Assignments with Ease, The Hindu recently ran a very engaging and thought provoking article with tips for female expats. Within I share some of my rebuttal and thoughts on the article. What are some challenges faced by female expats? 1. Less women travel alone internationally than men. The article states “According to […]


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