Strengths and Weaknesses Interview Question

If you are preparing for an interview, it’s time to think about how to answer the strengths and weaknesses interview question. Let’s take a look at a few strategies to answer this question.   Tips for talking about Strengths and Weaknesses – Interview Question Preparation Tips for talking about strengths: Choose strengths that match job […]

How to Answer Teamwork Questions for Client Facing Interviews

Many interviewers will ask questions related to how well you work as part of a team. Sometimes this can be a trick question. Do study the position you are applying for in advance. Does the position require you to work on a team, be an individual contributor or both?   Let’s look at some strategies […]

“Why Did You Leave Your Last Employer?” – Dos and Don’ts in Answering this Question

Tips for Interviewing with US Employers If your American interviewer asks any of the following questions:  Why do you want to work here (with us)? Why did you leave your last employer? Why did you join your current employer? DO – Focus on reasons that highlight professional GROWTH Discuss how the move helps you to […]

Tell Me About Yourself – Tough Interview Questions Tutorials

One of the first questions an interviewer is bound to ask is: “Tell me about yourself.”  Actually this is more of a statement because it doesn’t end in a question mark! That being said, it is also one of the few places in American English (and probably English in general) where the phrase “tell me” is […]

Speak English Confidently with US Clients

Possibly you work with US Americans from outside of the US. If so, you may wonder how to speak English confidently with US clients or counterparts. I am happy to share some tips with you that I have learned from training thousands of professionals in India who needed to speak English confidently with US clients.  […]

Say Thank You in Business Emails

. WLearning how to say thank you in business emails, especially with US colleagues is so important. Possibly, you have wondered: How do I say “thank you”? Saying “thank you” on its own sounds boring and fake, what other words or phrases can I use to say “thank you” in emails?   How often should […]

How to Talk About Accomplishments to Americans

  Some may call it “sharing my accomplishments,” while others may call it boasting. In his book 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions, Ron Fry states that one must confidently state accomplishments while not seeming boastful. One must be able to balance a sense of ‘boasting’ with ‘humbleness.’ This is not easy. This […]

Training Programs for Offshore Teams in India

If you are looking for training programs for offshore teams in India, look no further. Our programs are tailored to boosting the cross-cultural effectiveness of teams based in India working with US Americans. All of the programs listed here were delivered in person in India between 2011-2018, when Jennifer was living in Kochi, India. Since […]

English Customer Service Phrases to Use with US Americans

This post lists some phrases, sentences, questions or strategies you can use in various parts of customer service or support calls to make your interactions more conversational rather than transactional.  General Communication Tips:  Must show empathy Listen (don’t just hear, listen) Smile, SMILE and …. SMILE! – Yes, a listener CAN make out if you […]

Why is Voice Mail Important in the US?

While many Indians find voice mail alien or impersonal, Americans often rely on voice mail as a reliable relationship building tool. Though these two mindsets are in direct opposition to each other, it’s imperative that Indians working for offshore companies understand some of the reasons why Americans may not answer their phone, and why they […]

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