Free Tutorials on Business E-mail Writing Skills

Are you looking for some free tutorials on business e-mail writing skills?  Look no further! E-mail writing is a skill. And, like any skill, it needs to be practiced. Business e-mails should influence the reader to think something good about us and feel something good about us so that they will do something with or […]

StartUp Branding: E-mail ID Rendering & Punctuation

Long back, I had a south Indian friend, let’s call him Ramakrishnan Nandhakumar (not his real name). After studying at MIT, he got hired at a Fortune 500 company in the Twin Towers. When he had sent me an email from his corporate account, it rendered in my inbox like this: Ramakrishnan X Nandakumar <ramakrishnan.x.nandhakumar@…….> I […]

Sample Emails To Checkin Before Vacations

When working with clients, one of the best ways to build relationships during long-term projects is the checkin email. Let’s look at some sample emails to checkin before vacations that can be used with those you work with in the USA. If the answer is yes, I would like to share a tip that can […]

Examples of Acknowledgment Emails

One of the common complaints from onsite is, “The offshore team doesn’t acknowledge our emails. When we send a question or a request, no one lets us know what is going on.” Sometimes onsite may ask offshore to complete a task. Instead of responding to the email, offshore talks to their team members to figure […]

How Do I Respond to Birthday Emails?

Just like in India, it’s common for American colleagues or clients to wish each other Happy Birthday. Office birthday parties are common in both India and the US, as well. Working on distributed, global and offshore teams, many birthday, holiday and other wishes may be communicated by email. So, how can you answer these emails? […]

5 Tips To Encourage Offshore to Acknowledge Emails

Sometimes getting acknowledgement of emails from offshore Indian teams can be problematic. If you are facing this problem, here are a few tips that can help you get the acknowledgements you seek:  5 Tips To Encourage Offshore to Acknowledge Emails Close the email with this statement “Kindly respond to this email within 24 hours to […]

Say Thank You in Business Emails

. WLearning how to say thank you in business emails, especially with US colleagues is so important. Possibly, you have wondered: How do I say “thank you”? Saying “thank you” on its own sounds boring and fake, what other words or phrases can I use to say “thank you” in emails?   How often should […]

Synonyms of “In the Loop”

“Informed” is a word commonly used in Indian English. Using the word “informed” is another way to say “in the loop.” Let’s take a look at some more synonyms of the phrase “in the loop.”    The idiom “in the loop” is commonly heard in office conversations among US Americans. Let’s look at some more synonyms […]

5 No-Nos When Writing Professional Emails

The below five tips are suggested to avoid at work when interacting over email by the Business Insider. I will share their tips, along with how they apply to the majority of the companies I work with and the feedback from US clients and counterparts.  5 No-Nos When Writing Professional Emails 1. Waiting to respond […]

How to Close an Email

When we end a conversation, we close it. It only seems polite to know how to close an email as well.   While, one-liners would not typically have greetings or closings, as they may resemble IMs or text messages, the tone of longer emails rings nicer with a relevant closing. Receiving an e-mail without a […]

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