5 Don’ts When Writing Professional Emails

The below five tips are suggested to avoid at work when interacting over email by the Business Insider. I will share their tips, along with how they apply to the majority of the companies I work with and the feedback from US clients and counterparts.  1. Waiting to respond to an email until you know […]

How to Close an E-mail

In today’s mobile and Blackberry world, we are tempted to write short one-liners while on the run. In some contexts, these types of communications do not leave a good impression in a professional context. One-liners would not typically have greetings or closings. Receiving an e-mail without a pleasant closing and signature can create a bad […]

8 Mistakes To Avoid in E-mail Communication

Professional e-mail etiquette is critical to communicating clearly and making a good impression. This is true whether it is the first time or in daily e-mail exchanges. Though e-mails are considered more casual, it’s best not to treat them as casual. Simple errors, if avoided can leave a stunning and memorable impression, while some fatal […]

How to Use a Full Stop (Period): English Tips

Learning how to use the full stop (period) will not only help you to punctuate written English properly, but in how to pause and pace yourself properly in spoken English.  Take a look:  Incorrect:   My name is Jennifer . I am from the USA . My hometown is Rochester , New York.  Correct:  My […]

Creating More Positive Messages: No BUTs About It!

The most recent demo to the client went well, but we were not able to convince the US client why the additional feature was not required.  While this opening statement could be a more common way to give ‘negative feedback’ in some teams in India, and motivate teams to work harder or do something different […]

Highlight These 4 Things in Your Reference Letter

Planning to apply for a job in the US? Or maybe you work in India and are applying to work in a client facing position and a written reference is requested to complete your job application? When requesting a reference letter from a local offshore manager, it’s important that he or she keep in the… […]


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