Americans Don’t Have a Culture

“We just don’t have any culture!” exclaimed my American classmates during a class on Japanese culture and tradition. While the (white) Americans in the class, who were also born in the US agreed in unison, the American-born Japanese students in the class seemed to politely look at us in a confused and perplexed state. Back […]

Generalizations and Stereotypes: How They Differ

Do you sometimes wonder why some people can connect to others while others are always putting out fires with their colleagues?  Most of the times, it’s due to their use of language and how it turns people off. For example,  “Have you ever heard about an Indian who didn’t like curry? Me neither. It’s like […]

Questions to Consider When Thinking To Marry Across Cultures

Read about our adventures here. Would you ever marry across cultures?   Jennifer Kumar, the owner of this blog has some experience in this arena as she is a US citizen with no family ties to India who has married a man from India.  Jennifer has also coached a few cross-cultural, interracial couples in merging families. […]

Role Model for Blending and Balancing Cultures

The process of Blending and Balancing Cultures with a Cross-Cultural Coach Greetings!! I have known Jennifer through emails and Facebook. We haven’t even had a conversation yet. However, I sometimes marvel at the fact that how she balances or I should blends, this cultural cocktail beautifully. I think she achieved this balance in life (as […]

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