ICF Core Competency Area A: Setting the Foundation

Written by: Jennifer Kumar (Managing Director, head Coach of Authentic Journeys)  As I prepare for the PCC – mid level ICF credentialing exam (known as the cka- coach knowledge assessment), I’d like to share some of my insights around how the ICF core competencies apply to me as a coach. In this post, I’d like to talk […]

Leadership Coaching For Dev Teams

Has training not worked for your dev teams? Let’s try something different, more personalized with more long-lasting results: Leadership Coaching for dev teams.   Let’s talk about coaching for Leadership Coaching for Dev Teams!  Coaching is not training or content delivery. No more boring PowerPoints or sitting quietly in the back of a packed training […]

Help! My Developers Won’t Speak Up on Client Calls

Project Managers have their hands full. While it’s important that the PMs get involved in escalations or higher level project discussions, many PMs in start ups and mid-sized companies get overwhelmed with having to handle the everyday client calls, stand up calls, and status update meetings. Often, many of the managers we work with exclaim, […]

Expat Success Coaching: Work & Live in the USA

Expat Success Coaching For Successful Career Growth in the US or With Americans Our goal is to help you be successful in your new home and new country, especially if you are: An expat from another country  A highly skilled immigrant, New American, international business visitor or immigrant entrepreneur looking for support in success in […]

Lean on Popular Culture – Tips on Broaching Delicate Topics

The sixth tip in a series of tips on How to Broach Delicate Topics is to:   Lean on Popular Culture for Guidance and Insight    Through the use of multimedia like television news, advertisements, sitcoms, movies, music, and radio shows, facilitators of cross-cultural training programs can highlight various elements of cultural understanding without the use of lectures. […]

How can I not take it personally when someone hurts my feelings?

“I admire Americans because they can criticize each other’s work, and not take it personally because the next day still work together and go out to lunch together.” This was something an Indian executive exclaimed when I asked the team, “What do you like about American work culture?”   Learning to not get a broken […]

Do I Have Culture Shock?

Yes, culture shock is real.  For those who have ever moved away from home to a new environment and experienced any of the following symptoms, it’s likely you faced culture shock:  Social Symptoms Feeling lonely most of the time (even when around others) Over identifying or idealizing your native country or culture Inability to accept […]

Finding Peace With A Difficult Situation

We have all faced difficult situations. Some leave us wondering how we allowed ourselves to be treated so badly, while others really seem to leave permanent, and traumatic scars. These scars are emotional, mental, and psychological (some may also argue, psychic). In our constant efforts to be better people, overcome difficult situations and improve our […]

Perception: How Others See Us Abroad

When we are suddenly thrust into another country and culture, we suddenly ‘stick out.’ Previously, blending into the crowds around us, being one of the masses and having some anonymity now becomes a thing of the past. Our foreign looks or dressing style sets us apart instantly. Even for those of us moving to similar […]

How Our Identity is Tied to Our Values

It’s exciting to explore a new place and learn new things. However, as we soon realize our life WILL be different, things AREN’T as we thought they would be and it DOES feel harder to stay connected to our ‘true identity’ than we thought it would be; we become paralyzed.   How can we come […]

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