Expats Living in Kerala, India Featured in Malayala Manorama

Today, the Malayala Manorama Metro Section features five expats living in Kerala. The image in this post is of the section of the article where Authentic Journeys and Jennifer is featured. As I am not fluent in reading Malayalam (I can read the photo caption – my name, place I am from, work status and […]

American Expat in Kochi, India

Shevlin Sebastian from The New Indian Express, Kochi, wrote this piece on Jennifer Kumar in October 2011. This is reprinted with the author’s permission. Photo credits: Krishna Kumar. An American in Kakkanad Jennifer Kumar, who is married to a Malayali, is slowly adjusting to life in Kochi. One night, in 1995, Jennifer Kumar had a […]

Cross-Cultural Training Success Stories

We have been creating cross-cultural training success stories since 2011. The case studies in this blog were collected between 2011-2016. For a chronicle of cross-cultural training success stories from 2011-present, see our Cross Cultural Training Programmes Track Record. Cross-Cultural Training Success Stories Success Story – Cabot Solutions:    Building a Convincing Professional Brand with Canadian […]

Around the Block or Around the World- Be True to You

“Around the block or around the world – be true to you” – this is the motto of my coaching. But, what does it mean exactly?   When we move to a new place- no matter how near or far- we will have to make adjustments to our lifestyle. Moving to another country is an […]

Authentic Journeys in NRITBI, Thapasya, Infopark

Between 2011-2021, Authentic Journeys Consultancy had a physical and virtual office address located in Infopark at the NRI-TBI (The Non Resident Indian’s-Technology Business Incubator). (That’s a mouthful of an address for an American, and it’s not even the complete address!)    The NRI TBI is a government of Kerala sponsored incubator that promotes IT and […]

Happy 5th Birthday Authentic Journeys Facebook Page

Happy 5th Birthday Authentic Journeys (on Facebook)! It’s hard to believe, but five years have passed since Authentic Journeys made its appearance on the Internet. It’s debut on Facebook was on April 1, 2009.  While the Facebook page started on April 1, 2009, the blog started in early 2010. To commemorate five years, let’s take […]

Malayalee By Choice – Foreigners at Home In Kerala

Being a foreigner in some countries makes you an instant celebrity. Everyone knows who you are. People greet you on the street. Many, many people. Some you know, some others are complete strangers. It’s done out of curiosity and friendliness, though at times it can either be flattering or overwhelming. It’s not easy to blend […]

Cross Culture Training Programs in Kerala, India

Cross-Cultural Training Programs in Kerala, India  See our most up-to-date case study portfolio from 2011-present. See our most recent updates in 2020 on LinkedIn. To work with us today, contact us here. 2013 was an exciting year. I met so many interesting and inspiring people, was able to learn more about Indian business, and saw the interiors […]

Communication Strategies For Successful Conversations

Communication Strategies For Successful Conversations – Top 5 Posts of 2013  Top most read: How to Make Eye Contacts with US Americans With Video Tutorial Second trending blog: Phrases to use in Group Discussions 3rd most popular communication strategy: Common Questions in American Small Talk: “How did it go?” 4th Most Clicked Blog: Open Your […]

Authentic Journeys – New Website & Design

Introducing, without further delay, the new website and blog layout for Authentic Journeys.          Please visit the new website at   or the new blog at     Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement! Without you, none of this would be possible! Screenshot of our main page from 2013! Authentic Journeys […]

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