Challenges Faced by Female Expats

Entitled Handle International Assignments with Ease, The Hindu recently ran a very engaging and thought provoking article with tips to combat challenges faced by female expats. Within I share some of my rebuttal and thoughts on the article. What are some challenges faced by female expats?   1. Less women travel alone internationally than men. […]

Understanding Perspectives of a Wide Range of People

Understanding Perspectives of a Wide Range of People is a Good Quality for a Cross-Cultural Coach:   “I know Jennifer Kumar through her blog. She has been a mentor to me for about 2 years. I was struck by the interesting and articulate nature of her blog. She is a warm and welcoming person. She […]

Train our Team on US Culture

What do you think of our cross-cultural training program? Working with Jennifer was a great experience for us. We hired Jennifer to train our team on US Culture and on accent neutralization, and two things did absolutely exceed our expectations – delivering a HIGHLY customized session and delivering the content by keeping the participants highly […]

Prepare Indian Student to Study in the USA

Prepare Indian Student to Study in the USA   Jennifer has helped a niece of mine regarding choosing a college in North America based on a host of factors. Jennifer has immense knowledge regarding the challenges specific to international students. She understands the cross cultural nuances and is able to provide the details an international […]

Boost Consulting Skills of Developers in India working with North Americans

Feedback on a 6 week program that will boost consulting skills of developers in India working with North Americans What the participants liked the best about the program: The thing I liked best about your program was how you organized the topics for the class and how you provided the right environment where my teammates […]

Help Me Plan My New Life in The USA

, asI am glad to share my experience about the Mentorship Program and Guidance provided by Mrs. Jennifer Kumar to me. She was able to help me sort through programs and university choices to select the best one to advance my career.  I wanted to pursue my dream of higher studies in the United States […]

How Much Does Life Coaching Cost?

Please review the services Jennifer provides, and contact her with your requirements for the most up to date price packages. Click here to know how I can help you.         Photo by: Photo by Alexandr Podvalny

Fit In and Be Successful in the USA for Indians and NRIs

Be Successful in the USA – Fit In While Remaining True to Your Native Culture is Possible!   I reached out to Jennifer when I joined college in Rochester, NY. Being the only Indian in my college and the realization about the difference between US and Indian culture made me wonder how I would fit […]

Indian vs. American Mindset – A Story on Different Value Systems

Sitting facing me, she looked at me in the eyes, so I knew she was about to say something important. “Jennifer, life is tough. Don’t take it lightly and always take the advice of elders. I did not have this luxury growing up. My parents left me alone. Even my aunts and uncles. They said […]

Three Ways to Maximize Your Potential

I believe we all have untapped potential within us. Though we try everyday to be the best we can be, the habits of daily life get in the way of realizing our true potential. You may be wondering in what ways can you maximize your potential and clear the distractions from your life.  How Can […]

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