Write Emails That are Read and Answered - Live, Online Training Program

Mastering Email & Digital Communication

Schedule: An 8 hour course. Up to 8 Participants.
Location: Online Meeting Room
Facilitator: Jennifer Kumar (learn more about Jennifer
Contact: info@authenticjourneys.info / +95 39347529 (WhatsApp)

Meet Your Instructor/Facilitator

Goal of the Course

The purpose of this course is to build confidence in writing business emails in English with US colleagues, clients and counterparts. Regardless if you work with Americans from offshore or within the US, this course is especially tailored for your team to learn how to use English effectively with US Americans to build rapport. After completing this course, your emails will get noticed, read and answered with more ease. In addition, other business writing will become crisper, polished and more professional.

You will learn simple strategies to self-edit your writing, format your writing for various situations and audiences as well as the dos and don'ts (polite and impolite language) of using English to build, maintain and grow your business or career with US Americans.

In general, this program is tailored for those who use English as a second or other language with US Americans. Additionally, this will build the confidence of participants in sentence writing, forming ideas in English and knowing how to use the language properly in a business context.

Note: For companies with a style guide, the style guide can be used to enhance this program.

Online Live Instructor Led Email Training Program for Distributed and Offshore Teams


Overview of Online Email Training Program

  1. Emails written in the training are debriefed on terms of concepts taught in the sessions.
  2. Email samples sent to facilitator by email during the session. 
  3. Participants can send 3-5 emails to the facilitator before the program for the facilitator to tailor the program. 
  4. For participants who need addition 1 on 1 coaching, a coaching package can be selected.
Sentence writing and grammar may be included in this course. 

Tangible Outcomes: 
  1. Walk away with 2 to 3 email templates they can use. (One will be a meeting request, the other one or two will be identified by your team’s common communication.) 
  2. Practice and get immediate feedback on the meeting invite email and creation of a meeting in their calendar platform. 
  3. Participants will learn how to avoid common email mistakes through applying general email etiquette (subject lines, response times, vacation responder, signatures) and strategies for effective communication in other platforms (IM, chat, messenger, etc.) and tips to self-edit. 

Required Setup and Materials (especially for groups/teams from companies): 
  1. Each participant must have a laptop- to be used ONLY for sending emails. 
  2. Facilitator will interact with the participants via video for each classroom session. 
  3. The room must have a white board, markers, and eraser (for those joining from an office).
  4. Participants to meet together in the same meeting room via video with a pair of headphones (for those joining from an office). 

Anticipated Session Schedule 

Session 1: 
Kickoff Meeting (2 hours)
Lesson Topic: Participants will be introduced to the course, it’s expectations and delivery methods

An introduction to the email skeleton and how to use it today to write crisper emails.

Session 2:
Email Editing Exercise (1 hr.) 
  • After this session, participants can apply simple techniques to polish and self-edit their own writing in English.
  • Casual vs. Business Tone – Subject Lines, Openings & Small Talk

Sessions 3, 4, 5: 
Tone & Feeling Business vs. Casual Emails (3 hr. - 3 sessions) 
  1. Use of words, spaces, font styles, punctuation in creating a professional tone 
  2. How to tailor messages to different audiences 
  3. Subject lines, text formatting, meeting requests and invites, turnaround time, signatures 
  4. Email writing practice (email samples tailored to your team’s needs) 

Session 6: 
Getting to the point, requests, how to decline/say no, pleasantries (1 hour)

Session 7:
Common Email Topics, Specific Email Skeleton for use (1 hour)

Optional Sessions:
  1. Grammar Focus
  2. Question and answer consulting on participant's common emailing problems
  3. Others as identified

Note: The schedule of classes, length and duration can be customized to your group and it's scheduling needs.

Options/ Customizations 
Add these bells and whistles: 
  1. Before & After: We can utilize sample or real life emails as before and after samples to demonstrate the impact of applying the skills taught. 
  2. E-mail thread analysis: To expand our facilitation, we may look into particular email threads to assess where a communication breakdown happens and ideas to fix it. While we teach you best practices in email communication, we also believe that since communication is happening between humans, we miss balancing these elements when we look solely at the academic approach to emailing. Some of our best consultation and problem solving has happened in these email analysis sessions. 
  3. Real-life business situations: Team leads present case studies of past situations team members have had difficulty writing emails about. Those will be tackled in the session. 
  4. Certificates: A digital certificate you can showcase as part of your career portfolio can be issued upon completion. 
  5. Small Talk Newsletter: This newsletter, delivered to you about 10 times a year, just before most major U.S. holidays and observances will build context for non U.S. Americans to make connections with their US counterparts. Try it out for free below!  
  6. One-to-one coaching: For those who prefer to work in an one-on-one setting, see below for the process. Building language skills and grammar coaching are available.
  7. Real time chat messaging feedback: This session will up level your customer service representatives, support staff or any other team members who must communicate and provide customer service via chat. 

Facilitation Method: 

Our method is a blend of coaching, advising, and training. This not only offers you a flexible approach, but an approach that is not dependent on traditional training or classroom learning. 

As a learner, you will take responsibility for your learning objectives and outcomes based on the highly interactive and individualized approach of our sessions. 

Our goal is to make each session have tangible, practical outcomes that you can use on the job today with clients, colleagues and stakeholders. (While the is a typical process for 1 to 1 coaching, we can adapt this to group sessions as appropriate, as well.)

Authentic Journeys Coaching Process

How this helps you or your team and why it's important 
Writing impactful business communication gets people's attention. When phone calling, meeting face to face or other communication channels close, many may think of writing an email and hoping it's read and answered. Knowing how to write for maximum impact will assure a higher number of your emails are read and responded to and/or acted upon. In our interactions, we look at: 
  • parts of an email
  • subject lines
  • casual vs. professional tones in emails
  • email vs. text messaging vs. instant messaging 
  • creating e-mail skeletons for various purposes and how to fill them in 
  • use of words, spaces, font styles, punctuation in creating a professional tone 
  • requests/regrets - how to politely decline a request 
  • inductive vs. reductive
  • how to write to different audiences effectively
  • importance of style guides 
  • small talk in an email
  • tips to get requests answered in the U.S. and in India

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Audience Profile

Who attends this training? 

Career professionals like you who want to improve their e-mail and business writing skills. 

You are eligible to attend our tailored sessions if you speak English as a first, second or third language. You must have a working knowledge of English. We do not teach English from the ground up, but help you refine the English skills you already have including how to craft difficult messages (declines, apologiespush backs) in a polite and relationship building way. We also look at how to translate Indian English to American English or American English to Indian English for quick reading and understanding. 

You can choose one of two pathways to email coaching:

Pathway 1: Introduction to Business Emailing for individuals or small groups up to 5 followed by 1:1 sessions for those who want to take their skills to the next level.
Pathway 2: Jump right into 1:1 email coaching. 

What is 1:1 Email Coaching?

Email Coaching is tailored to your particular writing needs. We can do this in a few ways:
Use of assessment: For those who want to know where they stand with their English skills (typically English as Second Language, ESL, learners), we have a tailored assessment that will place you on a client ready scale. Your 1:1 sessions will be built around the outcomes of your assessment plus your individual email needs based on your role.
No assessment: Those who use and speak English as their first and only language may opt for this approach. Here we jump right into your specific written business communication needs based on your role.

In many cases, these individualized sessions not only look at email structure, but how to build relationships with those you write to. So, we are also looking at team dynamics, customer service, client interfacing skills, and business development among other career building skills. 

Job Titles of Participants Include

Business AnalystProject LeadSr. Assoc. Vice President
CEORisk AnalystSenior Software Developer
Delivery ManagerSystem Analyst     Sales and Business Development
Human Resources      Team LeadTest Manager

How you will feel better after working with us 

"Now I am able to write emails with American style pleasantries and not come across so terse. I have been able to build better relationships with my US counterparts because of the coaching." Bangalore Based Financial Analyst

"I never imagined that by changing my emailing skills I could save time in getting work done. I was often frustrated as my U.S. colleague was not answering my emails or turning in work on time, which delayed my work as well. I often had to escalate these problems to my manager, who would email and call the colleague to sort out the issue. I never realized that changing a few simple approaches to writing email subject lines, using a few American English words and making small talk in emails would be so helpful. Within a month of applying Jennifer's tips, my manager received about 75% less escalation requests from me, making it possible for him to spend his time on more productive work." 

~Global Team Member at EY, Kochi, India 

"I've learned to get the attention of my US client through catchy subject lines and to-the-point emails." 

"I am now more confident in writing and editing emails. The sessions covered vocabulary, synonyms, importance of active voice, articles, punctuation, editing skills, and how to rewrite sentences and paragraphs. Implementing these skills has improved clarity and response times with our distribution partners, improving relationships. In addition to implementing the email strategies, I am also able to now mentor my employees on the same."

~ Nishanth, Logistics Manager, Kochi~UST Global Participant, India  

"This training helped my team members to write with more clarity and purpose." 

~Bangalore based financial team lead

Learn to organize lists of information into easy to read formats
"The sessions were interactive and had fun activities that helped us to organize complex information into concise emails or marketing materials we could use with our sales team." ~India based professional

The image above is the result of a group activity meant to help writers organize large lists of information into easy to read formats.

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