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    Welcome to Authentic Journeys - ഓതെന്റിക് ജെർനീയ്സ് - US-India Cross-Cultural Training

Managing Client Expectations: Leadership Skills for Offshore Teams in India

Building Relationships while Showcasing Consulting Skills With US Clients 

Schedule: A 17-week course. Up to 8 Participants meet every alternate week (1.5 hours) for 6-9 sessions.
Location: Online Meeting Room
Facilitator: Jennifer Kumar
Contact: info@authenticjourneys.info / +95 39347529 (WhatsApp)

Goal of the Course

This course enhances the professional and leadership presence of your teams. Participants who complete this program significantly increase their skills and confidence in managing meetings, projects and teams in a cross-cultural, virtual environment. 

Client Facing Training Program for Offshore Teams in India

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Client Facing Training Program for Offshore Teams in India

Tangible Outcomes

These are the generic program outcomes. Tailoring this is available as required. By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1. Demonstrate meeting leadership and management skills by:
  • Scheduling and planning meetings, including sending calendar invites
  • Preparing topics for conversation and presentations before the start of meetings
  • Initiating meeting discussions and chairing meetings
  • Articulating status updates proactively without reminders from the client

2. Develop and apply consultative skills to:
  • Interpret and evaluate client requests and requirements, knowing when to get more details or clarity
  • Get in the mind of clients; understand their motivations leading to more convincing conversations
  • Forecast future situations, recommend and propose solutions and next steps based on client’s business and customer’s needs (end users)
  • Apply negotiation tactics to conversations with clients

3. Showcase professionalism when communicating with all business partners by:
  • Demonstrating professional email and instant messaging skills (assessed through writing activities)
  • Utilizing best practices when following up with any business contact
  • Saying the right thing when late or absent to a meeting or when deadlines are missed
  • Coordinating schedules (across time zones) and apply time management skills 

Improvement will be tracked via: 

  1. Each participant will attend the 15 minute English CEFR Assessment before and after the course: 
  2. Each participant will self-assess themselves along the CEFR English proficiency grid which will be provided in an excel sheet along with #3.
  3. Management and participant will set goals that will be assessed on a 1-10 scale which will be assessed before and after the course. The tracking documents will be sent once the course starts.
  4. Wherever possible, client feedback will be used to measure success.
Assessments should be tracked based on applied behaviors and skills.

Attendance Policy

Each participant must attend ALL classes and group work. Follow these processes for class attendance:
  1. Each participant must log in to the online meeting room at least 5 minutes before the start time. Entering at the start time is considered late.
  2. Ensure that a group leader books the meeting room in advance. 
  3. Latecomers must contact facilitator 1 business day but not less than 1 hour before start of session. 
  4. Each participant is responsible for his or her own updates. It is not appropriate for a participant to have another team member inform of absences.
  5. A WhatsApp group will be used to communicate attendance and administrative details.

Required Setup and Materials

  1. Facilitator will interact with the participants via video for each classroom session.
  2. Participants to meet together in the same meeting room via video with a pair of headphones. 
  3. The room must have a white board, markers, and eraser. 

Coaching Process

Anticipated Session Schedule

Note: This is a sample outline to showcase the general flow of the course.Details can be filled in as we identify your team’s specific goals and desired learning outcomes.

The unhighlighted sections are the basic program. The yellow highlighted sections refer to the additional 1:1 goal setting session can be added to enhance the program outcomes.

Note: If the team doesn’t have 15 weeks to spare, we can consolidate the program. As prework can be done offline, class can be delivered online, prework offline, conducting several sessions in one day. 

Contact us if you'd like this page in a formal proposal/PDF format. 

If you are looking for 1 on 1 personalized coaching check out this page

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Authentic Journeys: Bridging Culture on Virtual Teams

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