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How can we help you? Follow the statement that best describes your situation. 

I work with Americans and want to understand their culture. 

I need to use English more effectively so that Americans understand me easier.
I work with global professionals from my home office and/or travel for work.

I work with Americans.
I want to understand American Business Culture. 

Meetings with Clients from A-Z 
Build Credibility With Any Client.

Secrets of American Business Culture 
Understand your target market, talk with them on their terms.

Small Talk 
Add a Personal Touch to Business Relationships.

US Culture Training Finishing School
Customized pre-departure programs for professionals going to the US for long or short-term business trips.

 I want to understand how Americans use English.

Email Skills
Get noticed, build relations and receive quicker responses.

Convince, Influence & Negotiate 
Learn to push back effectively with Americans in a wide variety of situations from daily meetings (timelines, deadlines, resource management) to contract negotiations.

Presentation Skills
Conduct effective virtual presentations over the phone, videocon, or mixed media.

I work on an international, virtual team, interacting with professionals worldwide.

Accent Reduction Seminar
Reduce MTI, Increase Listening Comprehension

India Culture Preparation

Work effectively with professionals from India.

Making India Site Visits Engaging. 

**Note that our business solutions are delivered online from the convenience of your office or home with a live in-person consultant with over 20 years experience working between the U.S. and India.

Authentic Journeys: Work Effectively With Americans

Do you work with Americans on a global, virtual team? At Authentic Journeys we help you build your context with American business culture when you work with Americans from outside the U.S.A. Follow our blog our get in touch with us for live, in-person online training programs to increase your business acumen with Americans today!