We Delivered On-Time to the Americans: They Did Not Seem Happy- Why?

“When the American client asks me why I did something out of order, I feel they don’t trust our expertise!??!” This has been mentioned in exasperated tones by many Indians in offshore teams that Authentic Journeys has worked with. While many cross-cultural business experts ascertain Americans would care more about getting the job done than […]

How to Know Before You Go Onsite

Everyone who works with U.S. clients in distributed teams wants at least one chance to go to the U.S. Though this seems like a strange question, do you know that if you go onsite, you will have to talk to Americans? Companies spend big bucks to sponsor visas, travel, housing, food and living expenses for […]

Avoid Mistakes in Providing Good Service to US Clients & Customers

In driving transformation for US stakeholders while working in a Global Capability Center, it’s essential avoid mistakes in providing good service when working across cultures. In this blog (and in the accompanying video) we will highlight best practices in working with US Americans, especially when you have never been to the US and lack the […]

Secret Santa Gift Exchange Rules

For those who celebrate Christmas at work with colleagues, to make it fun many may have participated in a secret gift exchange. Known as Secret Santa in the U.S., and Christmas Friend in India (at least in Kerala), this gift exchange game is popular in many offices and among many teams. So how do we play […]

Improve Relationships with US Clients

“I was always nervous to attend client meetings mainly due to the fact that my colleagues would not be responsible about their attendance. After consulting on this issue with Jennifer, we implemented a new process that helps us to communicate better internally. The impact is that now the client also can communicate with us better, […]

“Why Did You Leave Your Last Employer?” – Dos and Don’ts in Answering this Question

Tips for Interviewing with US Employers If your American interviewer asks any of the following questions:  Why do you want to work here (with us)? Why did you leave your last employer? Why did you join your current employer? DO – Focus on reasons that highlight professional GROWTH Discuss how the move helps you to […]

Ask Americans About Weekend Plans

In the video below, Lindsay shares three questions you can use with your American colleagues to ask them about their weekend. Below the video see a list of the three questions with additional ideas for your conversational diversity.     13 Ways to Ask Americans About Weekend Plans   Lindsay’s ideas for asking about someone’s weekend: […]

What does it mean to be late to US American Clients?

“Stress the importance of time when working with Americans.” “Don’t start the session late.” “If the participants understand anything from the training you give, they should understand not to be late!” The most polished preparation or organized meeting agenda can impress, but if you or your team starts the meeting late, your good name and […]

Eye Contact With Americans

Making eye contact in face-to-face encounters (video-con or Skype) is crucial to building trust with Americans. While in some cultures, a downward gaze may signify deference and respect, to Americans, this same downward gaze could signify any one of these traits: A lack of confidence   Untrustworthiness   Unfriendliness or rudeness   Shyness, a lack […]

Small Talk Tips with US Americans

“Once I learned how to make small talk with my US clients, every interaction was more comfortable. I was at ease to bring up any doubts or questions I had with clients I was able to make more small talk with.” While small talk is important in many work cultures, especially when working in a […]

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