Eating With Hands in the US With Colleagues – Yes or No?

One of the most common questions Indians especially from Kerala and Tamil Nadu ask me about their business trip to the US is, “Can I eat with my hands with my American colleagues?”  Jennifer eats typical Onasadya (onam feast) with her hand.  Food may be served like this on special  holidays in south Indian offices. While many […]

Onsite Visits – Dress for Success in the US Office

Dress to impress. Before even opening one’s mouth, an impression is made through the clothing and body language one presents in front of the other person. The discussion and videos in this post will offer suggestions for males and females on how to dress for success in a professional environment in the US.  Comparison for […]

Different Ways to Say No – Video Tutorials

The videos in this post will showcase a wide variety of approaches to saying no, pushing back or declining requests in a polite way with Americans and while using English with native speakers.  A 4 Step Process to Saying No  The Art of Saying No This video demonstrates a very Western, and more direct approach […]

Does Living Abroad Make Me More Interesting?

Will people think I’m cultured if I live abroad?  I used to think so! That’s the main reason I wanted to live abroad; initially.  “When returning to America from Kenya, I instinctively called my family members by the Swahili terms. It just seemed to come like second nature; and I don’t know why since I […]

Thanksgiving FAQ and Small Talk Tips

If you are looking for basic information on the Thanksgiving holiday, small talk tips for before and after the holiday, and what to expect if you are invited to an American’s home for Thanksgiving, this article is for you!  When is Thanksgiving?  Every fourth Thursday of November US Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. (Thanksgiving in Canada is […]

Instructional Design for Training Programs in India

How can I organize an effective training presentation for my India based team? For a US culture training, I deployed a culture intelligence quiz. Each participant would take this quiz and analyze how they fit into the US culture. Designed by Westerners for a Western and predominately, American audience, this approach was a disaster in […]

How Do Indians Manage Time at Work?

I’m always intrigued when I see the watch commercial shown in this post. It’s not only because I like Hrithik Roshan in this ad, but I often wonder how many Indians chase time like he does in this ad.  Letting time dictate one’s actions seems to be to be more of an American approach than Indian approach.  Pointing […]

Connecting With Indians in the Training Room

The American guest speaker had filled the room in Kochi, India with curious and keen listeners. The opening of the speech, meant to enliven the group, was a joke not only particular to Americans, but particular to a certain part of the US.   And, with that opening most of the listeners already disconnected.  That […]

Coordinating Meetings at end of Daylight Savings Time

Let us help you work effectively on virtual teams with US Americans. On the first Sunday morning of every November, Americans change their clocks to end daylight savings time.  Typically, the time change happens at 2 am. Instead of it being 2 am, it will be 1 am. Everyone gains one extra hour of sleep. […]

Onam Celebrations at Infopark

Post by Authentic Journeys – Cultural and Lifestyle Mentoring. Onam was celebrated by all of the companies in Infopark during the first week of September 2014. On Friday, September 5 most of the companies campus-wide participated in the festivities. The festivities started in the morning between 8-8:30am. Employees were asked to come in early to […]

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