How to Push Back with Americans

You desperately want to say no, or push back, but know that being too direct, even with Americans is not the right approach. Many times you have been at a loss for what to say when the client or onsite US counterpart is asking for something you know is hard to do. While at times […]

StartUp Branding: E-mail ID Rendering & Punctuation

Long back, I had a south Indian friend, let’s call him Ramakrishnan Nandhakumar (not his real name). After studying at MIT, he got hired at a Fortune 500 company in the Twin Towers. When he had sent me an email from his corporate account, it rendered in my inbox like this: Ramakrishnan X Nandakumar <ramakrishnan.x.nandhakumar@…….> I […]

Tips for Putting Customers on Hold

When working in processes that require calling clients or colleagues, there will invariably be a time when he or she will have to be put on hold. How can we put someone on hold in a professional way? This post will explore some tips to polish call handling skills through discussion and video examples.   […]

Same Gender Trainers – Tips for Multicultural Trainers

The fifth tip in a series of Tips on How to Broach Delicate Topics is to: Use same-gender trainers or coaches whenever possible.     Though a majority topics can relate to both sexes – in some contexts and cultures men will receive the coaching better from a man, while women will be more receptive if […]

Uncomfortable Discussions – Ways To Start Talking

Not every situation is easy to talk about. Especially when getting used to another culture and facing culture shock, we encounter so many different things that catch us off guard. Things we thought we knew about suddenly don’t make sense anymore. Some things are easy to talk about; while others are not so easy to […]

4 Small Talk Tips For International Teams

“I moderate a meeting with team members from the US, UK, Dubai, Hong Kong and Guatemala. How can I start the meeting with small talk if everyone is from different countries, cultures, and doesn’t speak English as their native language?”  This is a good question. There are considerations to keep in mind while moderating international […]

Boost Consulting Skills of Developers in India working with North Americans

Feedback on a 6 week program that will boost consulting skills of developers in India working with North Americans What the participants liked the best about the program: The thing I liked best about your program was how you organized the topics for the class and how you provided the right environment where my teammates […]

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