Creating Successful Offshore Teams: The Techolution Story

“I have had a lot of positive experiences of India,” said Luv Tulsidas, CEO of Techolution, “As my family originate from India, I used to travel there frequently growing up. Having this experience, I was always curious why Indians who left India seemed to rise to success faster than those who stayed in India. I […]

Personal Space in US Offices (Cross-Cultural Example)

When looking for examples of cross-cultural empathy, there’s no need to look too far away when you have friends from different countries or friends that travel to foreign sites for work. When my Indian friend returned to India after three months of living and working in the U.S.A., I learned from an Indian’s viewpoint some […]

UST Connections with Xerox

Alexandria Kelly is one of the first graduates of the UST Step it Up Program in Rochester, New York. The Rochester program co-sponsored by the Rochester STEM training program and Xerox helps to improve minority and women presence in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Recently, Alexandria and major players from UST were […]

Steradian Trail Book Review

I’d like to introduce you to my long time friend MN Krish. I would like to share with you the Steradian Trail book review. This is a book that was written by my friend. Let’s dive in!  If you are looking for a gripping novel featuring a foreigner experiencing India, a thrilling pageturner that reads […]

ConceptShelf: Bringing Your Concepts to Reality

In this installment of the Startup Series, meet Sathya and Praveen of ConceptShelf.  Jennifer: Please introduce our readers to your team at ConceptShelf.   Sathya: We are a team of professionals with over 15 years’ experience in the nascent field of Information Technology. As a management team, we are truly committed to exhibiting our core […]

Raycast Technologies: Education Through Games

In this installment of the Infopark Startup Series, meet Abhishek, the the CEO of Raycast Technologies.   Abhishek Mohan K, pictured to the right, is the CEO of Raycast Technologies, located in the Kochi InfoPark. In 2013, Abhishek resigned from his job in the Ministry of Education, Maldives, to start this company. Jennifer: Thank you […]

CogniCor – On the Cutting Edge of Artificial Intelligence

In this installment of the Infopark Startup Series, meet Jyothis, the Operation Lead of CogniCor, India.  Jennifer: Jyothis, welcome to Authentic Journeys on behalf of CogniCor.   Jyothis: Thank you, Jennifer!   Jennifer: Recently CogniCor was recognized by a prominent Indian organization. How was CogniCor recognized?   Jyothis:The National Association of Software and Services Companies […]

Get to Know RapidValue Solutions in Infopark, Kochi

In this installment of the Infopark Startup Series, meet Rinish, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-founder of RapidValue Solutions. Jennifer: Greetings Rinish, thank you for your time today. Please introduce the readers of Authentic Journeys to your company.  Rinish: RapidValue is an end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions provider. We provide mobility solutions to the world’s largest […]

Happy 5th Birthday Authentic Journeys Facebook Page

Happy 5th Birthday Authentic Journeys (on Facebook)! It’s hard to believe, but five years have passed since Authentic Journeys made its appearance on the Internet. It’s debut on Facebook was on April 1, 2009.  While the Facebook page started on April 1, 2009, the blog started in early 2010. To commemorate five years, let’s take […]

Engaging Employees and International Clientele: A Conversation with Cabot Solutions

Venkatesh Thyagarajan is the dynamic and personable CEO of Cabot Solutions, with offices in Infopark and Thevara (in Kochi). I have known the Cabot Solutions team for a year. They always impress me with their forward thinking and new ideas. Jennifer: Venkatesh, good day. Thank you for your time today to participate in this interview. […]

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