Debriefing Cultural Mind Maps

The first tip in a series of tips on How to Broach Delicate Topics is to:   Have the person identify their impressions about cultural practices from the country in question.    Debriefing Cultural Mind Maps: National Cultures Have your conversational partner or training attendees brainstorm all the impressions of the country they are going to. They […]

Identifying and Solving Cross-Cultural Mistakes

The second tip in a series of Tips on How to Broach Delicate Topics is to:  Compare and contrast cultural dos and don’ts (Identify social gaffes) Nobody wants others talking behind our back saying we messed up. We prefer to make a good impression from the get-go when going abroad, or hope when we make a mistake, […]

10 Things NOT To Do When Flying

Air travel has become very common but unfortunately the habits followed in buses and trains are carried forward to air travel. There are some mannerisms we observe among travelers, sometimes we ourselves might be party to it. Here’s my list of 10 habits we should avoid, right from our next flight.   1. Arriving late […]

Do I Have the Skills To Adapt to Another Culture?

Have you ever wondered, “Can I adapt to another culture?”  Well, I shall turn that question around on you and ask:  Have you made changes in your life?  Have you ever adapted to anything new or different in your life?  If you ever have: Moved to various schools as a student…. Tried to make friends […]

Does Your Company Have an Expat Relocation Strategy?

“What are two or three things our company can do to assure more successful international assignments to the US?”   This is a common question that many companies pose to me in the training needs analysis. Relocating employees is a huge expense and risk. Employees often do not see the entire cost in terms of […]

4 Traits of Successful Cross-Cultural Coaching Clients

In today’s globalized, multicultural world, cross-cultural training is essential in helping us to understand and bridge mindsets to build diverse, respectful teams. If you have ever wondered what types of individuals excel at cross-cultural coaching or training, I have compiled a shortlist of four traits that we have noticed that align with successful cross-cultural coaching […]

Will I Be Late or Early if I Don’t Spring Forward?

Recently, a good question was emailed to Authentic Journeys, “Will I early or late to work if I do not change springtime in my clock?”  While the question’s wording should be changed to, “Will I be early or late to work if I do not move my clock forward for daylight savings time?”, I will […]

Around the Block or Around the World- Be True to You

“Around the block or around the world – be true to you” – this is the motto of my coaching. But, what does it mean exactly?   When we move to a new place- no matter how near or far- we will have to make adjustments to our lifestyle. Moving to another country is an […]

Cultural Reasons to Stay Silent in Business Meetings

If you work on a global software team, there is a good chance some of your dispersed team members work in a very different cultural context. While speaking up in meetings is common practice in the US, this is not the case worldwide. Let’s explore some cultural reasons for quiet offshore team members.  Do you […]

Terminology of Outsourcing & Outsourcing FAQ

Like each area of the world has its own jargon, slang, idioms and “in-words,” so does every industry. When we find peculiar words or slang in a company, however, that’s when we call it ‘professional jargon.’ As Authentic Journeys works with many professionals in outsourced teams, this article will introduce you to some of the […]

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