Downsides of Adapting to a New Culture

“Culture shock may never end!” This encouraging remark is a summation of statements I have heard from immigrants to the US from various parts of the world, including my parents who both have lived in the US for more than 50 years and still don’t feel completely American despite their best attempts at raising my […]

How to Overcome Negativity

Question:  If you had a friend, colleague or acquaintance you knew had potential but was always saying negative things, how would you respond? How can I overcome negativity? What if you have already tried techniques like changing the subject, trying to find the positive in the negative, or ignoring the negativity? (And, still after trying […]

9 Lessons on Being a Public Speaker

Book Review By Guest Blogger: Hari KT   I’d like to share the 9 lessons on being a public speaker that I learned after reading the book the book Paid to Speak, Best Practices for Building a Successful Speaking Business. Preparing Before Delivery  Expect the unexpected. You should always remember this. It’s also a good […]

How to Change Behavior When Adapting to A New Culture

If you are wondering how to change behavior when adapting to a new culture, creating a culture shock relief plan is only a part of the solution to some aspects of culture shock. When we adapt to new cultures, we are challenged to adapt new thoughts and behaviors. It can be, and often is, quite […]

Use Shadowing to Improve English Pronunciation

Did you know you can use shadowing to improve English pronunciation? Have you heard of this technique? Shadowing is nothing but mimicking another’s voice, accent, tone, pace, and other speech inflections to sound like a native speaker. Some people are really very good at this. Shadowing can be done with long passages or short passages, […]

How Do I Find a Good Solution To My Problem?

“When I coach with you, you ask me questions to make me think of things on a deeper level. Through this process, I realize I am defining and looking for the answer to the wrong problem. Only through our discussions, I can identify the problem better, which makes me find the right answer.”  When my […]

The Mask Makes the Man!

In this touching story, which is different than all my other blog posts, I share how  covering up in a costume on Halloween helped one special person to uncover  the greatness beneath and forge the new and scary path of soul searching.     The mask Dave wore on Halloween gave him a new confidence. He […]

Does Multicultural Living Promote Split Personalities?

When finding our new selves in adapting to a new culture, we may adapt new and unexpected behaviors. As we switch between these behaviors, it may sometimes feel as if we have split personalities.   In interacting with many who have moved to a different culture, including myself, there is this push and pull factor […]

Questions to Consider When Thinking To Marry Across Cultures

Read about our adventures here. Would you ever marry across cultures?   Jennifer Kumar, the owner of this blog has some experience in this arena as she is a US citizen with no family ties to India who has married a man from India.  Jennifer has also coached a few cross-cultural, interracial couples in merging families. […]

Three Ways to Maximize Your Potential

I believe we all have untapped potential within us. Though we try everyday to be the best we can be, the habits of daily life get in the way of realizing our true potential. You may be wondering in what ways can you maximize your potential and clear the distractions from your life.  How Can […]

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