Do I Have Culture Shock?

Yes, culture shock is real.  For those who have ever moved away from home to a new environment and experienced any of the following symptoms, it’s likely you faced culture shock:  Social Symptoms Feeling lonely most of the time (even when around others) Over identifying or idealizing your native country or culture Inability to accept […]

Finding Peace With A Difficult Situation

We have all faced difficult situations. Some leave us wondering how we allowed ourselves to be treated so badly, while others really seem to leave permanent, and traumatic scars. These scars are emotional, mental, and psychological (some may also argue, psychic). In our constant efforts to be better people, overcome difficult situations and improve our […]

Cross-Cultural Skills Resolve Conflicts In Daily Life

Did you know cross-cultural skills are helpful for understanding abroad and at home? When I say ‘at home’ I do not only mean in your own country of origin but literally at home– in your home among your family and friends. How can this be so? Well, let’s take a look at three cross-cultural skills: […]

Perception: How Others See Us Abroad

When we are suddenly thrust into another country and culture, we suddenly ‘stick out.’ Previously, blending into the crowds around us, being one of the masses and having some anonymity now becomes a thing of the past. Our foreign looks or dressing style sets us apart instantly. Even for those of us moving to similar […]

Learn by Doing – How to Broach Delicate Topics

The third tip in a series of tips on How to Broach Delicate Topics is to:   Use Hands-on demos:    Hands on demos and role plays are great tools to use for training programs where there is more time to do role plays and dos and don’t sessions. Some demos I have used in previous training […]

“I Can’t Understand When Americans Talk Fast! Please Help!”

Can you understand English spoken in your country, but it becomes hard to understand when Americans talk fast?   Have you been confused when listening to Americans speak English?  Are you confused because listening to other Indians or others from your country speak English is easy, but listening to Americans is a big problem?  For […]

V & W – Reduce MTI for Indian Speakers of English

V and W are two letters and sounds that are clearly distinguished in American English. V and W are often not distinguishable in many Indian languages, with one letter/sound that almost combines the two English sounds into one. Let’s take a look at these sounds in Indian English, the sounds and how to make them […]

Culture Shock Lessons from ET: The Extra-Terrestrial

“An alien from outer space lands on another planet.” That’s how many of us expats and foreigners feel when in another country – it’s like an out–of-body experience. So many things are different, and we have to relearn all the things we thought we knew … all over again! Life in another country, in many […]

How Our Identity is Tied to Our Values

It’s exciting to explore a new place and learn new things. However, as we soon realize our life WILL be different, things AREN’T as we thought they would be and it DOES feel harder to stay connected to our ‘true identity’ than we thought it would be; we become paralyzed.   How can we come […]

Why Can’t I Enjoy Life The Same Way After Moving Abroad?

When we start our expat assignment we may wonder how to enjoy life after moving abroad – whether it’s settling in and adjusting to our new surroundings, work environment, social circles, driving and daily errand routes and more daily life activities. In adjusting to all these different aspects of life, we will naturally find some […]

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