Coordinating Meetings at end of DST

Let us help you work effectively on virtual teams with US Americans. On the first Sunday morning of every November, Americans change their clocks to end daylight savings time. At this time, we have to understand the delicate art of coordinating meetings at the end of DST (daylight saving time). Typically, the time change happens […]

Cultural Misunderstandings: USA and India

If we were to sit and count possible cultural misunderstandings between the USA and India, we’d understand that there is a vast chasm of diverse mindsets and values between us. In this blog, I’d like to explore a few of the common cultural differences between the US and India. I do have a bit of […]

2015: Holidays and Vacations

2015 Holidays and Vacations for Teams Working Between the USA and India (See 2016 calendar. See 2017 calendar) Need for this Calendar This calendar will be useful for Indians and Americans working between the two countries and cultures. As India is a diverse country which celebrates different holidays in different parts of the country, this […]

Authentic Journeys in NRITBI, Thapasya, Infopark

Between 2011-2021, Authentic Journeys Consultancy had a physical and virtual office address located in Infopark at the NRI-TBI (The Non Resident Indian’s-Technology Business Incubator). (That’s a mouthful of an address for an American, and it’s not even the complete address!)    The NRI TBI is a government of Kerala sponsored incubator that promotes IT and […]

English Alphabets in Malayalam Script – MTI Reduction Tips

The grid below is a lesson in the book “Rapidex English Speaking Course” that demonstrates how to pronounce English letters though the Malayalam script. I am not an expert in Malayalam Linguistics, but from my limited understanding, I would guess this chart is written in a way to reduce the Mother Tongue Influence while spelling […]

An Easy Way to Say NO to US Clients

Negotiating deadlines, how to say no politely to not totally end communication with US counterparts is an art. This is one of the hot topics that arises in all management seminars I facilitate. As many Indians are uncomfortable with a flat out NO, we work on ways to say yes, no and partial agreements that […]

India and U.S.A. Holidays 2013

What are the most common holidays in the US and India?   This list of holidays, vacations and days off will help cross-border teams between the U.S. and India know when holidays happen in each other’s offices. Take note that typically U.S. holidays are standard across the country except for minor changes. Indian holidays, however […]

Personal Space in India vs the US

I’m realizing a lot about my own culture now that I’ve had a fair amount of exposure to Punjabi culture. One thing I was thinking about today is personal space in India vs. the US. Many Indians think Americans are too individualistic. While I see their point, I don’t think this is an accurate description. […]

Indian vs. American Mindset

Sitting facing me, she looked at me in the eyes, so I knew she was about to say something important. “Jennifer, life is tough. Don’t take it lightly and always take the advice of elders. I did not have this luxury growing up. My parents left me alone. Even my aunts and uncles. They said […]

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