India and U.S.A. Holidays 2013

What are the most common holidays in the US and India?   This list of holidays, vacations and days off will help cross-border teams between the U.S. and India know when holidays happen in each other’s offices. Take note that typically U.S. holidays are standard across the country except for minor changes. Indian holidays, however […]

Personal Space in India vs the US

I’m realizing a lot about my own culture now that I’ve had a fair amount of exposure to Punjabi culture. One thing I was thinking about today is personal space in India vs. the US. Many Indians think Americans are too individualistic. While I see their point, I don’t think this is an accurate description. […]

Indian vs. American Mindset – A Story on Different Value Systems

Sitting facing me, she looked at me in the eyes, so I knew she was about to say something important. “Jennifer, life is tough. Don’t take it lightly and always take the advice of elders. I did not have this luxury growing up. My parents left me alone. Even my aunts and uncles. They said […]

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