Improving Phone and E-mail Communication at Work

What did you learn from the communication sessions?   “I am attending sessions on listening and customer service with Americans given by Jennifer. My team and I find these sessions helpful because: We can now understand the basic dos and don’ts of e-mail and phone communication. I learned paraphrasing is important, and how it can […]

Reasons to Work with a Cross Cultural Coach

You may be wondering, what are some of the reasons to work with a cross cultural coach? Why do I need a cross-cultural coach? Answer: People from all walks of life experiencing cross-cultural challenges can seek help from a cross-cultural coach or an expat coach. There are many reasons why someone would come to the […]

Will I Benefit from Cross-Cultural Coaching?

Possibly you are working across cultures on a virtual team or onsite in another country. I know the feeling as an American who has lived, studied, and worked full time in India for about 10 years. I am an ICF PCC certified coach with over a decade of experience in coaching professionals like you to […]

Why do people hire a cross cultural business coach?

If you have ever worked across cultures as an expat or working on a virtual team, you may consider to hire a cross cultural business coach. In considering this, you may wonder if you or your team is suited to working with me. In this post, I’d like to share nine characteristics of successful clients […]

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