11 Ways Not to Get Promoted to a Manager’s Position

Do you dream of becoming a manager? Do you think it’s “your turn” because you have already been in this job for the right amount of time? You already passed all the other promotions, but why not this one?   Are you thinking, “They should just give it to me, I’m entitled?”   Unlike traditional […]

5 No-Nos When Writing Professional Emails

The below five tips are suggested to avoid at work when interacting over email by the Business Insider. I will share their tips, along with how they apply to the majority of the companies I work with and the feedback from US clients and counterparts.  5 No-Nos When Writing Professional Emails 1. Waiting to respond […]

Use Gap Analysis For Professional and Personal Development

In this video, I explain how Gap Analysis helps us to set and achieve goals in the coaching process.   To watch the video on YouTube, click here. Video TranscriptGap analysis. What is this term gap analysis and how can it help you improve your soft skills, personality development and spoken English?  Well, hello, everyone. […]

Soft-Skills for IT Teams in India

Soft-skills training and development became a hot topic in India since the early 2000s when outsourcing, offshoring, BPOs, and call centers were all the rage. In his paper entitled Soft-skills Training and Cultural Sensitization of Indian BPO workers: A Qualitative Study, Ramesh Subramaniam says that new hires in BPOs and call centers in Bangalore in […]

Interviewing with US and UK Clients

If you work for a company in which outsourced projects from the U.S. and the U.K. prevail, at some point you may need to sit for an interview with the client offshore to be chosen for project roles.    Interviewing with US and UK Clients – Here are 9 Overarching Guidelines  Before the interview and […]

4 Ways to Impress American Customers

The tips presented in this article will help in interacting with American customers. Many tips can be given as Americans have a particular mindset which can cause misunderstandings to those not familiar with the culture.     4 Strategies to Make US Customers or Clients Thrilled With Your Service  1. Tell the customer about the features […]

8 Mistakes To Avoid in E-mail Communication

Professional e-mail etiquette is critical to communicating clearly and making a good impression. This is true whether it is the first time or in daily e-mail exchanges. Though e-mails are considered more casual, it’s best not to treat them as casual. Simple errors, if avoided can leave a stunning and memorable impression, while some fatal […]

Successful Conversations in US English

Trying to manifest successful conversations in US English with your American clients? In this blog, I share top strategies and tips I have delivered in training programs to Indian professionals working on virtual teams with US Americans. I hope these strategies help you to take your conversations, fluency and confidence to the next level!  Top […]

Hari’s Coaching Success Story

Today, one of my first clients in India (from 2011) will share his personal coaching success story. Hari’s Coaching Success Story Since knowing Jennifer, my main achievements have been:  Speaking at several events, including Open Source India and Bar Camp Kerala  Writing articles for the reputed Australian based site, Sitepoint (among others)  Compiling a book […]

Phrases to use in Group Discussions in English

“How do I complete a conversation from the beginning through to the end?” Many in the training programs I conduct ask this with humbleness and earnestness. The answer to this question helps those to initiate, create, sustain and end conversations with the right etiquette. The phrases in the below document answers most of these questions: […]

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