Examples of Acknowledgment Emails

One of the common complaints from onsite is, “The offshore team doesn’t acknowledge our emails. When we send a question or a request, no one lets us know what is going on.” Sometimes onsite may ask offshore to complete a task. Instead of responding to the email, offshore talks to their team members to figure […]

Business Coaching for Keralites and Indians

This post outlines some common questions that prospective clients to Authentic Journeys have about what we do, our coaching process and the outcomes.  Jennifer Debriefing a Con Call Role Play, Photo Credit Jennifer Kumar What are some examples successful training outcomes?  I will learn and apply American phone and email etiquette while handling routine as well as […]

Handle Difficult Customers on Support Calls With Ease

Welcome Irate or Emotional Customer Care Calls With These Tips  Do you provide tech support or solve customer problems over the phone? It’s quite likely at some point you will need to handle difficult customers on support calls. Below are a few tips that can help you provide excellent customer service to callers who are […]

Tackling the Issues of Hiring NRIs

This article written by Aseem Juneja and Jennifer Kumar first appeared in Mobility Magazine, August 2011.   Tackling the Issues of Hiring NRIs   From slow economic growth in the West to a burgeoning Indian economy, there are a litany of reasons to explain the trend of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) desiring to venture to India […]

Strengths and Weaknesses Interview Question

If you are preparing for an interview, it’s time to think about how to answer the strengths and weaknesses interview question. Let’s take a look at a few strategies to answer this question.   Tips for talking about Strengths and Weaknesses – Interview Question Preparation Tips for talking about strengths: Choose strengths that match job […]

No Performance Reviews? Track Your Career Milestones

Do you track your career milestones? If you say, yes because you have to and you do it only with your managers, this is really not the right approach. Managers change, your job changes. The only person constant in your career is you. When it comes time to advocate for yourself during performance review time, […]

17 Out of the Box Networking Strategies

Connecting people with other people or things they benefit from as well as doing things we are passionate about can provide ample opportunities for networking. I will share a few ways I have networked without thinking it was networking!   Out of the Box Networking Strategies Helped Someone Asked for Someone’s Help Wanted to know […]

How to Walk On the Stage While Presenting

Do you want to be a participant in a training program or a presentation where the presenter stands stiff in one place all throughout? Of course not! If you said yes, I guarantee you are lying or just saying that to be nice. Or, you’ve blocked out the last boring presentation out of your mind […]

Do Lecterns Help or Hinder a Presentation?

If there is a lectern in your presentation area, how do you utilize it?   How you stand along with the lectern impacts how the audience connects with you and your message.   Take a moment to contemplate these questions: Who are some of the best public speakers you have seen? How did they use […]

Present While Sitting – Wow Them From Your Chair

I stress to everyone who has to present while sitting – including when speaking on the phone or during online meetings (with or without the video) for client meetings to maintain good posture, and to keep their hands away from their face. The elements of good posture include: Sitting up straight  Do not bend your […]

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