Speak Up in Meetings with US Counterparts

Does your team feel shy or reluctant to speak up during daily stand-up meetings, status update meetings or interactions with US counterparts?   Use some simple group discussion skills to enliven your meeting to encourage participation. Encourage Participation in Meetings With These Strategies Add the person’s name into the agenda As team members may find […]

Tips to Network at Conferences

. With over 20,000 attendees, almost 200 sponsors and probably another 100 speakers and panelists, the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit is ripe for networking. This is my second year in attendance. Amazingly I was able to recognize at least five people that I had met last year. Though I attended a few seminars, the main […]

Writing Easy to Read Emails (Video Tutorials)

“Jennifer, when you taught my team how to write easy to read emails, it decreased my management intervention in email communication by 75%! I could then use this time to more effectively manage the project and do other critical tasks. Thank you!”   How can make my emails easier to read? Learning to write effective […]

Stop Speaking to Speak Better!

I help tech workers like you prepare for all types of client-facing conversations, meetings and interviews. When I do, I find a common thread in most of those I am coaching. Many, if not all, at some point, answer a question or reply to a statement that was never said [by me].  When this first […]

Leadership Coaching For Dev Teams

Has training not worked for your dev teams? Let’s try something different, more personalized with more long-lasting results: Leadership Coaching for dev teams.   Let’s talk about coaching for Leadership Coaching for Dev Teams!  Coaching is not training or content delivery. No more boring PowerPoints or sitting quietly in the back of a packed training […]

Small Talk American Cross-Cultural Training

Small Talk American Cross-Cultural Training If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following, this program is for you: Do you avoid small talk because you worry you will make mistakes and broach incorrect topics? Or, maybe you aren’t sure how to talk about unknown topics like American sports (football, baseball)? Do you wonder how […]

24 Tips on How to Handle Stress at Work

We all face stress at work and in our life in general. Typically, most of us do not associate stress with happy things or good and peaceful feelings. Therefore, most of us either try to avoid stress or dislike stress. It is impossible to avoid stress, so, even if we never like stress, we have […]

What is it like to travel for work?

Jennifer Kumar, the Managing Director of Authentic Journeys has been traveling for her work since she started her career after graduating from college. In the video below, Jennifer shares her experiences about traveling for work, how she got to India, why she went to India and is now living in India for a second time, […]

Get Better Projects From Clients in the USA

Do you feel stuck in growing your offshore project portfolio with clients in the USA? Do you know you have a lot of value to give, but feel like you are hitting a brick wall moving forward?    I am a business and cross-cultural consultant that has worked with over 50 companies in India, and […]

Sample Emails To Checkin Before Vacations

When working with clients, one of the best ways to build relationships during long-term projects is the checkin email. Let’s look at some sample emails to checkin before vacations that can be used with those you work with in the USA. If the answer is yes, I would like to share a tip that can […]

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