Working with US Clients – Program Feedback

Program Feedback from Our Sessions on Working with US Clients    See the video on Vimeo.   Video Transcript: It was nice to interact with Jennifer on the Q&A session. The session deals with how we can handle the clients during the business call. She’s having a bundle of practical tips and suggestions which we can […]

US Culture for Remote Work

Working from offshore with North American clients and colleagues presents many challenges, one of them being how to build that cultural context, especially due to travel restrictions and corporate budgetary restrictions when it comes to traveling. We are here to help you fill that gap, to build that cultural context and really gain some insider […]

3 Reasons US Clients Ask [A lot of] Questions

[00:00:01] Asking questions in American culture is pretty common. For any of you who work with U.S. Americans from outside the U.S., you might be wondering about this.   Why do US Clients ask us so many questions?  Listen to the video below or read the text below the video.   When American clients ask […]

Building Trust & Good Relationships with US Clients

Is your software team based in India? (Or outside of the US?)    Do you work with US Clients from offshore or as an expat in the US? Are you looking for tips and strategies for building trust & good relationships with US Clients?   If you are wondering how your team can better connect […]

Improve Relationships with US Clients

“I was always nervous to attend client meetings mainly due to the fact that my colleagues would not be responsible about their attendance. After consulting on this issue with Jennifer, we implemented a new process that helps us to communicate better internally. The impact is that now the client also can communicate with us better, […]

Training Programs for Offshore Teams in India

If you are looking for training programs for offshore teams in India, look no further. Our programs are tailored to boosting the cross-cultural effectiveness of teams based in India working with US Americans. All of the programs listed here were delivered in person in India between 2011-2018, when Jennifer was living in Kochi, India. Since […]


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