Content Marketing for SEO

Content Marketing for SEO: Why Content is Vital to SEO Evergreen Webinar  In this discussion, Anandi Merchant from Anandi Merchant Digital Consultant exposes why content is vital to your SEO strategy. These strategies will help you to increase organic traffic, growing your online reach.   If you’d like to know more about Anandi and her approach to content […]

SEO Guide for Small Business

Want to learn more about the SEO guide for small business? Watch our webinar here.   Have you ever wondered what is SEO?      What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps increase the quality and quantity of organic traffic to a website through search results. In simple terms, SEO makes […]

When Training Is Not Always the Answer

The video transcript follows.   [00:00:01]  Is a training program always the answer to the challenges of client communication? [00:00:10] Hello, everyone. I’m Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys and many may be surprised that I’m asking that question because I actually deliver communication, leadership and cross-cultural training specifically for software development teams in India that work […]

Teach Kids to Code

With coding boot camps and certificate programs popping up all over the US, have you ever considered how young is too young to get your kids started with learning how to code?  We are here to address these concerns, plus many others about the importance of teaching children of all ages how to code. Did you […]

About Authentic Journeys – FAQ

Authentic Journeys helps companies like yours build effective India- US cross border and distributed teams. While a majority of clients are software companies, Authentic Journeys works with other business verticals to achieve their business goals through innovative, interactive and impactful managerial coaching and cross-cultural business training solutions.   New Logo since 2020 FAQ: When did Authentic […]

Authentic Journeys Expert Panel

We often tap in to the expertise of other to build, enhance and conduct our programs. Meet some of our experts below! If you’d like to be in touch with anyone, contact us here.   Our Authentic Journeys’ Expert Panel   Anandi Merchant Anandi was born and raised in Mumbai, India and has been living in the […]

Contact Jennifer Kumar, Authentic Journeys

Jennifer Kumar is a cross-cultural business and corporate coach certified through the ICF. If you have a minute, listen to a short introduction about Jennifer Kumar and Authentic Journeys below. US Phone:  Call Us at: (385) 218-0947     US Phone:  SMS/Text Us at: (385) 218-0947     India Phone (Whatsapp only): 91-95-393-47529 Cross-Culture Trainer, Coach & Facilitator Authentic […]


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