Training Feedback: Participants Share Their Experience

Posted On: February 22, 2022

In 2021, we at Authentic Journeys had the immense pleasure of working with a team in India on cross-cultural work effectiveness. The video below is a compilation of the participant’s training feedback. Under the video you can see an edited transcript of the learnings the team had shared after attending this 15 hour/10-week program.


Listen to the Training Feedback: Consulting Across Cultures


Read the Training Feedback: Consulting Across Cultures

Jennifer Kumar
I’ve been really happy to interact with you for the last several months, it’s been great. And I’d like to hear some of your thoughts about your experience with this program or anything that you might have learned, or whatever you could apply the outcomes of that. Would anyone like to share their thoughts about the program?


Participant 1
Morning, Jennifer. I like the way this program was designed. It’s not just that I learned from Jennifer, it’s like I learned from everyone here [on the team] who has presented. So like, did today I learned from a different group while also learning from my group. So yeah, it was a great experience.


Jennifer’s Feedback: The program is highly interactive with many group activities where team members are rotated throughout different groups through the program. They meet in between sessions to discuss and prepare ideas to share in the session. In addition, when groups deliver presentations, there is both facilitator and peer feedback.


Participant 2
Okay, I like to share my takeaway from this session, okay. So I am now able to comfortably adapt or switch between different cultures, I deal with three clients who have different cultures. So this session was really helpful for me. And there was more research from your end as well as more inputs from the team who brought the discussions, we had healthy discussions across all sessions. So that added more value which I can take and implement in most of our stand-up calls with the clients. Right from the small talk, the paraphrasing what, right from asking the right questions and waiting for others to talk. So thanks and thanks to the team.


Participant 3
Yeah, Jennifer, it was actually a good session, to be frank. There were quite a lot of things I learned personally through the session. And there was not a single day, I left the session without taking any notes. And I have quite applied many features, many things that I learned here and when clients talk face to face. And it’s actually, you know, I feel comfortable, and you know, braver than before, when I just face the clients. So it was good. And there were a lot of things, you know, it just goes on, and if I just mention and keep saying things like previously used to say like the “thanks a lot” thing. And there was actually quite good. And yeah, it was good. Yeah, thank you, it was mind-blowing.


Participant 4
In each and every session, I saw personal growth in myself for the way I interact, the pace, the confidence. So I’m clearer in the way in which I need to communicate. So every session was a great session. And I had I’m having a great takeaway in all this. Thank you.


Yes, thank you. Oh, my gosh, that makes me feel so nice to know that thank you for sharing. Who else might like to share?


Training Feedback: Participants Share Their Experience

Training Feedback: Participants Share Their Experience


Participant 5
So I would like to add to the points our teammates have told. So first of all, thank you for taking the time and taking us through this well-planned presentation and workshop. One more thing I would like to add is that you gave individual feedback on the activities which we have done and the presentations we did. So in that manner. We not only learn from our mistakes but from the improvements which you gave feedback to other team members also. So that is a very good takeaway for me throughout the sessions. Thank you.


Fantastic. I’m glad you had a chance to participate in all of that. Anyone else?


Participant 6
Apart from the session, right, So at any time, even though we are working on different time zones, the team was able to reach out to you if there was any doubt. So that’s something fantastic. It’s not like after the session we were not able to reach out to you.  We were able to reach out to you. That’s something amazing.


Participant 7
Exactly. I mean, we were meeting for almost two and a half months or three months?  We set up a Slack channel so we could keep in touch. So that was really nice. Yes, thank you for doing that too, from your end. Letting me in your Slack channel. Anyone else want to add anything?


Participant 7
Thanks for the workshop, first of all. There are a lot of things I learned, especially the small talk part and the sessions in which we saw differences between the cultures. I think that would be really helpful for future communications. And the phrases part. We have to keep note of the three particular phrases which can be implemented. So that especially was helpful, and I’ll try to work on that. And I thank you because I wasn’t aware of many of the things before these sessions.


I’m great. Glad to hear you learn a lot of new things that you can implement. That’s important. Anyone else?


Participant 9
So as others have mentioned, I have learned how to do small talk with the client and what topics are they’re comfortable with as I didn’t know what topics they are comfortable with. I know that and I have implemented that in my client calls. I also learned how to paraphrase. And I also thank you for giving us insights on how to communicate with clients.


Participant 10
So from this meeting, I learned so many things. Like from each and every meeting, I have learned something like how to give a proper introduction or how to make small talk, and how to do the status updating and summarize the key points while concluding the presentation and asking questions after the presentation. Like if there are any questions about my presentation, I will be very happy to answer while talking, how to control our pace, like how our pace should be slow like that. It was a wonderful section for me. So thank you for giving this section. Thank you so much.


You’re welcome. I appreciate you sharing your feedback. Thank you so much.


The training feedback in this post was used with permission. Learn more about our programs here.

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