Miracle Question Transforms New Year’s Resolutions

Posted On: December 19, 2021

We have all been there – setting that New Year’s resolution only to lose motivation after a few days, weeks or months.

To help you reframe your perspective to this so that you will be one of the few amazing individuals who make your new year’s resolution come true, maybe you can try this approach – the Miracle Question.

This is a popular coaching approach often talked about in the Solution Focused methodology.

And, while this is a blog and not a live coaching session, feel free to talk out loud to coach yourself, journal the answers, or ask someone to guide you through these questions.

Before going through the questions to transform your New Year’s resolution, select the New Year’s resolution to focus on.


Have you chosen ONE goal you’d like to focus on for our interaction?


Awesome, I’d like you to use the power of your imagination for this Miracle Question exercise. If it’s too hard to think about using ‘imagination,’ think about this like you are living out your dream.

Let’s look into the future when you have achieved this goal.


So, the miracle is the manifestation of your goal. You have achieved your goal. Take a moment to let the feeling and the experience really set in.


In the future when your goal has been achieved…. How will you feel?

What exactly will be different – in your life? What may you be seeing that’s different in your physical environment?

What will you notice differently about yourself?

What have you noticed change along your journey? At the culmination of your goal?

Who else will notice this? Name the people who will notice that you have achieved your goal?

What will each of these individuals notice different in you – not only throughout your journey but also at the reaching of your goal?

How will you know that they have noticed these changes in you?

How will their interactions be different with you – if at all?

Will you see yourself differently? If yes, how?

Will you show up differently? If yes, how?

Keep thinking and noting down the points to these questions… as you do, also note how you will FEEL as you move along your journey and “culminate” your success.

How do you feel going through this exercise? What are your thoughts?

How can you maintain and build your momentum and accountability not only in the DOING to achieve this goal – but in the BEING? What are the best ways to check in with yourself to do an inventory of your thoughts, feelings, and values to ensure you are thinking thoughts that will keep you on the path you want to forge?

These are not always easy questions to answer.


If you’d like to be coached using the miracle question, why not consider signing up for a coaching session with me? Contact me to learn more.

Author Jennifer Kumar is a PCC ICF certified coach with coach training in Solution Focused coaching methodology through Solutions Academy.

The medals in the image in this post are a tangible testament to the author’s New Year’s resolution coming into reality. Listen to Jennifer’s experience cycling in the Tour of St. George and see some pictures here.



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