Coach 2 Coach Core Competency Mastermind

Posted On: August 11, 2021

Hello, everyone, I’m Jennifer Kumar, the creator and facilitator for the Coach 2 Coach Core Competency Mastermind. In this seven-and-a-half-hour program, which is eligible for 7 1/2 CCEUs, we will be spending that amount of time deep-diving into six core competencies in the updated ICF core competency model. 


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Each session, each of the five sessions are one and half hours each. Within each session we will discuss one or two competencies. Now, you might be wondering why only six competencies aren’t There, eight in the updated model? Yes, of course there are. We have competencies one through eight in the entire model. All of the competencies will be analyzed in the CKA – the Coach Knowledge Assessment, the written part of our examination we must take to get our coach credentials. However, for the submission of our coach recordings that will be analyzed against only the updated core competencies three through eight.

(View the updated core competencies against the original core competencies.) 

So in our program, what we attempt to achieve is giving you a platform to learn, discuss, practice, analyze peers in implementing these core competencies. How do we do that? Well, before each session I will be sending you one or two YouTube links to one or two competencies. Those videos created.. are created by ICF, discussing the competencies. That will take you from five to 15 minutes depending on the length of the video. While watching that those videos or that video, just take some notes on your insights about the competency and maybe even how you’ve already applied these competencies or any questions you have about these competencies.


When we come into the session, the first ten or fifteen minutes are devoted to discussing the competency. What is it all about? How have you applied it? Questions you have. And as a cohort, we actually just discuss what’s on our mind, our expertise. We apply our expertise against the competencies. It is not mentor coaching. So it is only a facilitated discussion by… by me to give you a platform to really analyze and deep dive and study these competencies. So that’s part one of each one and a half hour session.



Part two, which is kind of the meat and potatoes of the session, takes around 30 to 40 minutes. So in this second section, I break you into two groups of three. Each week it will be on a rotational basis. Who is the coach, the client and the observer. I will be also sharing a worksheet of the PCC markers for each of the six core competencies that we will be discussing week by week, so that when when you are the observer, what your role will be will be to kind of analyze that coaching discussion, that live coaching discussion you hear between your peers in the breakout room and Zoom against the PCC markers.



So the first twenty minutes or so of your thirty-minute or so breakout room is devoted to the peer coaching. The last ten minutes is kind of analyzing yourselves in that breakout room. So will be two breakout rooms. Then we’ll all come back together in the main room for the last twenty minutes or thirty minutes or so, depending on how much time we take in the breakout rooms to share your insights, your feedback, how you want to apply it to your sessions and etc.. The only thing different from sessions three through …sorry.. sessions two through five is that in the beginning, hopefully, you can also share how you’ve applied some of the core competency markers that we’ve discussed in previous sessions.



So this is kind of a high-level overview. Thanks for taking a couple minutes to listen to this. If you have any questions at all, you can definitely reach out to me. No problem at all. And I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions at Jennifer at Authentic Journeys dot info. So I’ll put the email on the bottom of the screen here so you can definitely reach out to me. So hope, hope, hope that you will consider joining our cohort and looking forward to seeing you there. So welcome and thank you so much. Bye bye. 

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Are you a global professional or expat working with US Americans? Do you ever feel lost not understanding the cultural context to particular situations? Do you feel that this lack of context prevents you from building the influence, camaraderie, or trust with your US counterparts that you desire? Jennifer Kumar understands this feeling all too well as she had lived in India for more than 10 years as an expat entrepreneur when she started Authentic Journeys. She has worked with more than 4,000 international professionals just like you who strive to build cultural context and authentic connections with US Americans at work while finding a comfortable balance between their cultural values and cultural integration. Through her process of coaching, you will uncover and bridge gaps to find new comfort in your US work environment that will take your career and life to new heights.


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