Performance Coaching for Tech Professionals

Posted On: July 17, 2021

Regardless of where you are right now in your career journey, there are many tasks and communication interactions that you need to conduct every single day. Whether it’s an email, a status update, a software demo, some type of presentation or full-fledged meeting, regardless if you’re a participant or you’re the organizer and moderator, we help you to feel comfortable in any role you are currently in right now so that you can go to the next level. 

I’m Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys. We specialize in working with software professionals just like you, who may not live in the U.S. but work with U.S. clients or Canadian clients. 

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Performance Coaching for Tech Professionals

Under the header of performance coaching. We have four different programs. 

Performance Coaching

The first program under this header is Performance Coaching. In this program, we strive to help you achieve your goals, to take your career to the next level through one on one coaching. There are two paths in this performance coaching series. One could be self-sponsored. That’s where you pay for your own coaching and the other is corporate-sponsored. That’s where your company or stakeholders or others are paying for your coaching. In self-sponsored, we work with you directly from sitting down and identifying all your goals, doing the coaching, the retrospectives and the final session. We’re the only ones working together, you and I. However, when it’s corporate-sponsored, we would also need to meet with those who are sponsoring your coaching, including anyone from management to team members to clients to stakeholders and H.R. Depending on the size and makeup of your company, it tends to be generally just you and your direct manager. So you and your direct manager would be part of the process and goal identification and retrospectives throughout the program. Goals typically are identified against your performance indicators or your KPIs that are identified in your performance review. That’s for self-sponsored coaching. 

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Managing Client Expectations

Now, let’s move on to Managing Client Expectations. This is a more detailed program. This program is for teams, tends to be for teams, but occasionally we can do it for one on one as well. So a team of maximum eight to nine individuals could be part of this program. The main aim of this program is to take your software development team to the next level, making them more business-minded, more consultant minded oriented so that they can handle a wide range of everyday communication interactions, from emails to status updates to pushbacks, to understanding how to discuss timeline and deadlines and all of the other types of communication that typically a project manager or a middle manager needs to get involved in. Reduce the time that you need to be part of those conversations as a middle manager or project manager by enrolling your team in Managing Client Expectations. 

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Building Effective Teams

The third program in this series is Building Effective Teams. This is a pretty customized program to your team’s requirements. Some of the content that we cover could be extracted from Managing Client Expectations as well. However, we really want to look at your specific team where the gaps are in communication, time management, project management and leadership and really work through those goals. In this program, we would really hand tailor a program just for your team. Typically, teams meet together on a bi-weekly basis and the weeks that they are not meeting, typically one on one coaching happens in between. And this program, again, is for up to eight or nine individuals in your team. 

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Customized Program

And the last program is just a customized program. So there’s not much to say here except for we really strive to take a comprehensive training needs analysis and coaching needs analysis with you, your team, to see exactly what needs to be worked on. Again, tracking this back to your KPIs or performance indicators, because the main goal here is we need to tie everything back to a business outcome. It’s very important. And in some cases, we might do a mixture of training and consulting and coaching as training and coaching is not always the answer

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So I hope this has been a helpful introduction to our programs under the header of performance coaching. Thanks for listening and I hope to be in touch with you to discuss how we can take you and your team to the next level. See you soon.

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