An EASY Way to Make Someone’s Day

Posted On: July 15, 2021

To make someone’s day means to provide an experience to a person to uplevel an ordinary or dull day to a very memorable and exciting one! 


What is a simple way to make someone’s day?

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How are you?

How are you today?

How’s your day going so far?

Hope you’re having a good day.


These are all greetings in the U.S. that we take for granted. In fact, sometimes we complain that they’re so ordinary that they’re boring. And, so we avoid those greetings or we forget about saying those greetings because we’re in a rush or we think they’re overused or it doesn’t impact somebody else’s day. I just found out the exact opposite. I walked into the gas station on my walk in Salt Lake City today, and I bought this nice, refreshing cold bottle of iced tea. When I went up to the register to pay for it, I said to the cashier, “How’s your day going?” And he said, “It’s pretty good. Actually, I’m so glad you asked. You know, that nobody has asked me to be on my shift. And I came in five hours ago!”


I said,”Oh that’s that’s so sad. How many people have come into the store since you started your shift?” It wasn’t that busy of a store. So he said, you know, about two..two fifty three hundred people came in since he started his shift and not one customer greeted him, not one. And he.. even though he didn’t say it in words, I could tell that made his day, he was happy that somebody else recognized him and asked him how he was doing.


Make Someone's Day (Photo credit: Patrick Tomasso at Unsplash)



And he and I had a little conversation about it. And, I think it made him feel happy. So, although these greetings are ordinary, so ordinary that we think, oh, everybody’s doing it, they might not. And maybe you might be the one who greets somebody and makes their day. And if you’re new in the U.S. or not so confident about American English, it’s OK. The simple conversations get you started in the right direction. And even if you aren’t able to continue the conversation completely, just know that these little things can really make somebody so happy just by knowing a few words in English you can really make somebody’s day and it will make you feel happy too, because it’s easy to be understood and somebody else will smile when they hear you say it. And what better… what better feeling can you get from your day than that? So just keep that in mind. Next time you walk into a store or a gas station store or anything, take a minute to greet the person. You just never know how it might really impact their day. And that ripple effect will really inspire you as well. This is Jennifer going on a walk in Salt Lake City until next time. I’ll see you later.


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