Making Email Writing Easy – For Non-Native Speakers

“I’m alright when I speak, but I am afraid to write in an email… it may not look good, it may not influence my reader, I can’t convince him or her in writing, it may have grammar problems, it may… (the list goes on)…”     So many have said this to me during email […]

Content Marketing for SEO

Content Marketing for SEO: Why Content is Vital to SEO Evergreen Webinar  In this discussion, Anandi Merchant from Anandi Merchant Digital Consultant exposes why content is vital to your SEO strategy. These strategies will help you to increase organic traffic, growing your online reach.   If you’d like to know more about Anandi and her approach to content […]

Performance Coaching for Tech Professionals

Regardless of where you are right now in your career journey, there are many tasks and communication interactions that you need to conduct every single day. Whether it’s an email, a status update, a software demo, some type of presentation or full-fledged meeting, regardless if you’re a participant or you’re the organizer and moderator, we […]

An EASY Way to Make Someone’s Day

To make someone’s day means to provide an experience to a person to uplevel an ordinary or dull day to a very memorable and exciting one!    What is a simple way to make someone’s day? Listen on… (transcript below video)…   Saying:    How are you? How are you today? How’s your day going so far? […]

Offshore and Onsite Holiday Calendar 2023

For those who work on offshore and onsite teams between the US and India, I have compiled this list of holidays, observances, and special days between the US and India. While not all of these are leave days (or paid vacation days off), some may be floating holidays depending on your colleague’s religious and cultural affiliation. […]

10 Ways To Thank on Social Media

Are you managing your company’s social media page?      Do you want different ways to thank on social media or show appreciation to your followers; those who like, view, comment, and share your posts without saying the overused thank you?     Generally, readers of our blog have companies or teams in the US […]


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