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Posted On: May 13, 2021

Working from offshore with North American clients and colleagues presents many challenges, one of them being how to build that cultural context, especially due to travel restrictions and corporate budgetary restrictions when it comes to traveling. We are here to help you fill that gap, to build that cultural context and really gain some insider information that you might not be able to get because of the travel restrictions. I’m Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys. Under the program header of U.S. Culture for Remote Work, we have four programs. 



US Culture for Remote Work – Training and Coaching

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Building Trust and Good Relations with U.S. Clients

The first program in this category is building trust and Good Relations with U.S. clients. This seminar-type program has no cap on attendance. We could have one person from your company 10, 50, 100 or a couple hundred. In this seminar, we focus our discussion around how to build trust and good relations by using the three types of small talk to do that. You might be thinking, “Well, I only use small talk in the beginning or the end of my meeting to ask questions like, how was your day? How was your weekend or what will you be doing on your vacation?” Yes, that is one of the three types we will be talking about. The other two, well, you’ll have to sign up to find out more. 


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Deliver Impressive Status Updates

The next program in this series is Deliver Impressive Status Updates. We strive to provide a platform for you to learn how to enhance your status updates, to give the best impression not only of you and your work and your team’s work, but your company’s good work that you do on a day-to-day basis. How do we go about this, helping you learn to tie what you’re talking about, what you did yesterday, today, tomorrow, your blockers to the bigger picture, whether that’s the bigger picture of the timeline of the current iteration of the project you’re working on or the entire project duration or how it impacts how others on the team will be able to do their work because of something getting delayed or something getting done sooner than we expect.


We help you to learn how to articulate, to tie all of what you’re doing together up into how it impacts the client, the end user, their business, as well as, of course, you still have to look at the technical side, but we try to put all these together in one package for you to be able to communicate more effectively. This not only gives a better impression of what you’re doing and that you have a really good grasp and a really good hold on what you’re doing technically, but that you understand the business behind it and that your team works together well. A really well-crafted status update not only gives a good impression of what you’re doing, but it gives an impression of how the team communicates, how the company is working as a well-oiled engine, so to speak, as well as other impressions behind that communication, even if you’re only communicating your status updates internally, this still applies to helping you and your team communicate with more impact and more effectiveness. 


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Get Ready for the Presentation –  Demo  – Virtual Meeting

The next program in this series is Get Ready for the Presentation or Demo. 


Did you know how you structure your presentation would help or hinder building trusting long-lasting business relationships across cultures? 


Well, it’s true, especially when we don’t think about preparing our presentations, this could be the downfall. Regardless if it’s that first sales presentation where we’re just making that first impression without having signed on a client to the first presentation that you have to give after the client signs on to any other presentation, demo or communication interaction that happens during the normal course of the project. It’s true, especially when working with North Americans. It’s critically important to structure your communication in a linear fashion. Yes, people in North America tend to be very, very direct or definitely more direct than those from other cultures. Giving a presentation in a roundabout way to get to the point would not work. But maybe you’re not sure if your presentation communication style, demo meeting style is in a linear or in a circular format. That’s where we step in here at Authentic Journeys. You would come into your sessions bringing in mock sessions of your presentations, demos, meetings, etc., or allow us to be a part of your meetings, your live meetings or your recorded meetings to consult where it’s going well and where you need to think about enhancing and changing something to improve that presentation flow. This is a really great program for anyone who might be trying to figure out how to improve their presentations, their demos and their meeting structure.


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Onboarding for Working from Home 

This is the last program in this series. Regardless if you have many seasoned employees or many new joinees since the pandemic hit, many of us are craving that interaction, that relationship building that we are missing from just those soft interactions, such as walking by someone’s desk where we don’t even have to speak, all of those are gone more in favor of very formal, almost seemingly contrived communication interactions that revolve mostly around only business discussions.


This program helps all team members to not only break the ice and learn about each other and get to know each other on a personal level, which everyone loves to do actually, but also helps to provide some foundations and best practices for teleworking, teamwork and communication while working remotely, such as email, best practices and etiquettes, teamwork when working remotely in distributed teams, as well as other etiquettes as defined by your specific company and or roles. This program tends to last around eight to nine hours with four two-hour sessions. They’re highly interactive. Even though we’re delivering this online in a Zoom classroom about every 10 15 minutes, there are lively group discussions, breakout rooms, mocks, role plays, etc.. In fact, the last session is a culmination of all that we have discussed where the team members will deliver a mock meeting, keeping in mind all the etiquettes that we try to touch on throughout the entire program. There is not only facilitator feedback, but peer feedback as to whom on the team is working as a team player while working remotely. If you find any of these programs will be helpful for you or your team to get in touch with us here at Authentic Journeys, were happy to help you and take you and your team to the next level while working remotely. Thanks so much and hope to be in touch.


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