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Posted On: May 10, 2021

Conversational mastery in English with your international counterparts, predominantly your North American, U.S. and Canadian counterparts, is within your reach. I know you might find that hard to believe. You might have been searching all over the place on the Internet for some ideas, tips, help, well look no further, you’ve reached the right place. 
I’m Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys. My team and I have worked with international professionals just like you over the last 15 years to help build your confidence and leadership ability when speaking in English to your international counterparts, especially if English is not your first language or your primary second language. We help you to understand the fundamentals, the essentials and building blocks of English so that from there you can build and find more confidence not only in the structure of English and that you’re using it correctly, but that you’re using it in a culturally appropriate manner to build that relationship just a little bit quicker and more fluently and confidently with your U.S. counterparts and Canadian counterparts as well. We have four programs under the heading of Business English. 

Business English Programs

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Grammar Coaching

The first program in this series is Grammar Coaching. After completing a series of written English assessments, we will level and baseline your English. We will extract certain elements that you need to work on to ensure that you are indeed using English in a grammatically correct way.
In addition to the grammar aspect, we also look at how are you using English in a professional environment. Are you using it in a customer-friendly way? We are all in customer service. Whether you’re working in a call center or you’re working on a software development project where you need to interact with your clients on a daily or regular basis through status updating, we want to ensure that you’ll feel comfortable and confident in handling a wide range of conversations from the casual to the business and professional. Our grammar coaching will help you do that. 
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Clear Speaking and Accent Reduction

The next programme in this series is Clear Speaking and Accent Reduction. We do not endorse that you take on an American accent or fake an accent. We want you to be natural. We want you to be authentic in this journey that you have when working across cultures, your authentic journey. To that end, we do, of course, want you to be understood. We want things like, “Could you repeat that”? to be reduced (or eliminated), whether you are hearing that or you need to say that to someone else. So we not only help you to communicate more clearly in spoken English, but through that process help you to understand native speakers of North American English with more clarity in a majority of the situations.
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Email and Digital Communication 

The third programme in this series is Email and Digital Communication. This program lasts for as little as eight hours, all the way up to twenty hours or more, depending on how much depth you and your team want to go into revolving around these arenas: 
  1. We look at first and foremost, the email skeleton, how to ensure that what you’re writing is showing up on the screen and in an easy-to-read format by your reader so that they can read and respond quickly. 
  2. We also look at the dos and don’ts, words you should use, words you shouldn’t use in your email. 
  3. We then go into creating specific templates for emails in your process. 
  4. And as time permits, we also have everyone in the team submit emails to our team for correction and feedback in this process. 
  5. We not only want to provide feedback to you, but we also help you to learn how to self edit your own emails and maybe through that process also learn how to coach yourself or and or your teammates in this email writing process. 
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Business English Seminar

The last program in this series is Business English Seminar. This program is really targeting those colleagues you might know who know English. They can read and write in English, but when it comes to speaking, they need their extra support. They don’t feel so confident speaking up for a wide variety of reasons. This program, which could be as little as eight hours, up to 20 plus hours, really just builds the confidence of you or your colleagues to speak up in English in a wide variety of situations with focus more or less on casual conversations, but we practice business conversations as well. Through this process, we do a lot of different kind of conversational activities, role plays, mock sessions, etc. The final project is often some group activity identified by the group, which is a virtual online group presentation combining conversational elements of English as well as business English fundamentals. It’s really a great program and we’ve seen amazing, amazing results even from the most quietest of those who start are actually those who we have seen gain the most momentum throughout and be stars at the end. And I’m sure that’s what you would like as well, to be the star. You would like to master your English conversations. Well, get in touch with us. We’re happy to work with you and see where your baseline is and take you to the next level. Thanks so much. And looking forward to being in touch.
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Jennifer Kumar is a PCC ICF Certified Coach with a TEFL/TESOL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language/Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from the University of Arizona in addition to working with professionals just like you from over 60 global companies. Get in touch with us today. +1 385-218-0947 (USA- SMS/Voice), +91 95 39347529 (India, WhatsApp)
Please excuse grammatical errors in the transcript of the spoken video script. 


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