Recalculating Career Opportunities

I’m super excited to share a presentation entitled Recalculating Career Opportunities for Clients. This was a panel discussion that I took part in with Lisa Hecht and Stephanie Renk as part of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) International Coaching Week (ICW) 2020 through the ICF High Country Chapter.  I am excited to share that this […]

Working with US Clients – Program Feedback

Program Feedback from Our Sessions on Working with US Clients    See the video on Vimeo.   Video Transcript: It was nice to interact with Jennifer on the Q&A session. The session deals with how we can handle the clients during the business call. She’s having a bundle of practical tips and suggestions which we can […]

US Culture for Remote Work

Working from offshore with North American clients and colleagues presents many challenges, one of them being how to build that cultural context, especially due to travel restrictions and corporate budgetary restrictions when it comes to traveling. We are here to help you fill that gap, to build that cultural context and really gain some insider […]

Coaching for ICF Coaches Programs

Are you a coach looking to be coached? Well, look, no further. I’m Jennifer Kumar here at Authentic Journeys. Under the program, header of Coaching Programs for ICF Coaches, we have four programs.    I am a PCC ICF certified coach with over 12 years of experience coaching professionals just like you. In addition, I […]

Business English Programs

Conversational mastery in English with your international counterparts, predominantly your North American, U.S. and Canadian counterparts, is within your reach. I know you might find that hard to believe. You might have been searching all over the place on the Internet for some ideas, tips, help, well look no further, you’ve reached the right place.  […]


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