April 1, 2021

US Culture for Remote Work: Coaching for Corporate Success

It's likely that you've been looking all over the Internet for tips and strategies to more effectively build that relationship with your U.S. clients. 

Well, guess what? You have come to the right place. I'm Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys. We have worked with over 4,000 global professionals, just like you.

In this category of training programs entitled U.S. Culture for Remote Work,we have four different programs. In this category we really strive to provide a foundation to help you in everyday communication interactions and meanwhile building your cultural context to American, specifically U.S. American culture, especially for those who are expats in the U.S. or anyone living especially outside the US, with zero to very little cultural context of the American work environment. 

So let's dive into the four different programs: 

  • This is a two-hour seminar 
  • We talk about the dos and don'ts of small talk 
  • Topics you can talk about 
  • Topics you should avoid 
  • How to handle delicate situations 
  • The three types of small talk that really will elevate your game when talking with U.S. counterparts 

US Culture for Remote Work Professional Coaching Programs

The next two are somewhat similar, but different. They're usually for communication events around two to 10 minutes long: Delivering Impressive Status Updates as well as Getting Ready for the Demo

In these two programs, we really want to focus on helping you and or your team to communicate not only to different audiences; some may be technical, some might not be technical, but really being able to communicate what you need to in such a way that it demonstrates to your clients or colleagues, counterparts, stakeholders that you really understand the domain, their business, their end-users, their motivation for doing what they want to get done.

And in the last section or the last program in this section, we have Facilitating Impactful Virtual Presentations or Meetings. These are communication events that are between 15 [minutes] and up to two hours, but typically around 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The focus of this program is really to help you to more effectively organize and structure your content to really "pack a punch" as we say. This really will help you to build that trust and rapport much quicker if you have it in the right format. We facilitate this program through consultation and coaching, which means either you come to the session doing a mock of a typical meeting and I provide feedback and we do a continual improvement process around that. Or,  you share some recordings with me that I consult with offline, or you will allow me to be part of your meetings where I actually see it in action. If you'd like more information about these programs or you want to get started right now, you can definitely get in touch with us through our website here or the contact information on or around this video. Thank you so much for listening and hope to be in touch soon.

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Authentic Journeys: Bridging Culture on Virtual Teams

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