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Posted On: September 24, 2020

Are you working in the software industry in India? 
Do you work with US Clients?
Would you like to know best practices in… 

Building Trust and Good Relationships with US Clients


We are here to help you! We have worked with over 4,000 professionals just like you! 
Let’s learn simple tips you can apply in your daily interactions that will dramatically improve your comfort level in interacting with US clients in a wide variety of situations from small talk to more difficult interactions such as talking about timelines, deadlines, feature changes, and so on. 
We will talk about: 
  • the three types of small talk 
  • where and how to use these different types of small talk 
  • the dos and don’ts of small talk 
  • how to push back or say no, not only in a face-saving way (to both sides), but in a way that improves your technical know-how and consulting expertise 

Strategies we share will help you to build your visibility and profile with your US clients. Actually, these tips will not only help you build good working relationships with your US colleagues, as these tips also work with your local colleages as we are all now working on virtual, distributed teams. 



Building Trust and Good Relationships with US Clients –

How to Sign Up 

Step 1:
Select a date you are available. These are the available dates:
  • Sunday, Sept. 27, 7:30-9:30pm IST  
  • Friday, Oct. 2, 10am-12pm IST  
  • Thursday, Oct. 15, 10am-12pm IST  
  • Friday, Oct. 23, 7-9am IST  
There is a calendar below for a visual of the dates.
Step 2: 
Go under the calendar and click on the button “Book a class with Jennifer.”
Step 3:
A pop up will show up. Type in:
  • Your email ID:
  • Title: “US Client Facing Training”
  • Manually enter the date (month, day, year), start time and end time 
  • It’s optional to schedule a reminder
  • Press “save”
Step 4:
Once at least 5 people have signed up for that session, you will be enrolled, and we will send you the payment details (session fee – Rs. 650 plus GST) to the email provided in the calendar.  



We accept INR payments within India 
Your cost is ONLY
Rs. 650 per individual plus GST 
Minimum 5 participants to run the session
Once you sign up for your time slot, you will be put on the list for that day. Once we have 5 individuals signed up for that time slot, you will be contacted about your enrollment, and payment will be collected.
All payments remitted via instamojo.[We can do a bank transfer, but prefer instamojo as it is automated.]
Keep in mind that all payments must be received at least 2 days before the session for you to attend. Thank you.  
If you have any questions, doubts or concerns, contact us using this form.

Hope to see you in our live instructor led online classroom!

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